President Donald Trump recently had his first presidential physical and released the information to the public. President Trump stood 6’3″ and weighed in at 239 pounds.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn doesn’t believe those numbers and offered to donate $100,000 to President Trump’s favorite charity if he would “step on an accurate scale with an impartial medical professional.”

This wasn’t his first Tweet about Trump’s physical. The director seemed obsessed with the reports. He even questioned President Trump’s mental stability.

He didn’t stop there. He went back to an old Marco Rubio insult from the primaries to attack President Trump’s hands.

Many began accusing Gunn of fat shaming. However, he says it has nothing to do with fat shaming. Instead it is about “a continuous pattern of fabricating facts.”

He doesn’t mention any facts that were fabricated besides his belief that the physical is a lie.

Gunn then goes on to post a number of pictures comparing people of different height next to President Trump. However, in each of the photos it’s really hard to tell. One of them even has their legs cut off. And as you might remember photos can be deceptive like the dress where many people disagreed on what color it was.

He then finally offers a piece of evidence to support his claim about a “pattern of fabricating facts.” However, it’s not really a strong piece of evidence and is more in the realm of he said, she said. Even Gunn tacitly admits it could be false when he says, “Looks like he definitely slept with that porn star.” This just appears to be his own opinion based off the Far-Left leaning Daily Beast’s reporting.

Gunn then confirms he offered $100k for Trump to get on a scale while once again claiming “it’s about a pattern of lying, not about weight.”

Then Gunn goes on to accuse Donald Trump of being a “dictator wannabe who is trying to destroy the press.”

James Gunn throws around quite a bit of accusations without any real evidence to support it.

Gunn is currently working on Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which is expected to debut sometime in 2020.