Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is the latest A-list actor to express interest in a Star Wars role.

In an interview for IMDB with Kevin Smith about his newest role in the post-apocalyptic film I Think We’re Alone Now, Dinklage joined co-star Elle Fanning and director Reed Morano to express interest in a Star Wars role.

The interview eventually lead to Kevin Smith asking Morano about the recent rumors of her potentially directing an upcoming Star Wars film. The rumors started after Morano had a sit down meeting with Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy.

Morano denied the rumors saying, “No, I think it was just a speculation of some kind.” But before she could elaborate Peter Dinklage interrupts her with a chorus of droid beeps. Then he says, “Oh gosh, I’m auditioning.”

Elle Fanning then chimes in asking whether or Star Wars was the one with lightsabers. She then mixes up Star Wars and Star Trek by showing off the iconic Vulcan salute made famous by Leonard Nimoy’s Spock.

Moran then finally elaborates on her meeting with Kathleen Kennedy. “I was lucky enough to have a meeting with Kathy Kennedy, who is the loveliest human being.” Dinklage then interrupts again, “Wait, are you doing Star Wars?” Morano denies she’s working on the project again, “No, I’m not. Will you stop adding fuel to the rumors. It’s just a meeting. And that’s all I can say.”

Then Dinklage expresses his interest in a Star Wars role saying, “I just want a part!”

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Dinklage joins a laundry list of celebrities who want a part in Star Wars. Some of them include The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln and Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan.

If Dinklage does eventually get a role he would join a long list of celebrities who have played a role in Star Wars.