Beware of spoilers for Doomsday Clock #3, ye who enter here

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue their return to the Watchmen world this week in Doomsday Clock #3. The world that Alan Moore created years ago is converging with that of the normal DC Universe. Rorschach met Batman; Ozymandias met Lex Luthor. But an old “friend” of Veidt’s has returned from his past.

The Comedian, Eddie Blake.

Blake’s death was the inciting incident of the original comic. The murder that started Rorschach’s investigation and begins one of the greatest comic book stories ever told. So, it was quite startling when The Comedian appeared in the DC Universe in Doomsday Clock. As Veidt is having a conversation with Lex Luthor, Blake starts shooting. Lex is caught in the crossfire as Ozy finds his way to safety.

That’s how the characters are found at the beginning of Doomsday Clock #3. Except, Blake is dead. Right? Well, not according to Geoff Johns. In the first few pages of his latest comic Johns reveals just how Eddie Blake came to into this story.

Now, the biggest question would be who did they bury when they had the funeral for The Comedian in The Watchmen? My theory is  it’s a little switcheroo. Dr. Manhattan cloned the Comedian from that moment so that he would hate and want to stop Veidt.

It would seem Dr. Manhattan’s master plan includes Eddie Blake for some reason. If the pages of Doomsday Clock #3 are any indication, it’s so that Blake can somehow slow down Ozymandias as he and Rorschach attempt to fulfill their mission. But Blake has been beaten before…by Veidt. So chances are the outcome isn’t going to be much different. In fact, though Veidt seems to be weary and weak (he does have cancer, after all) he manages to escape the clutches of the Comedian by leaping out Lex Luthor’s window.

And so Veidt crashes below, scarred and damaged. He’ll undoubtedly be whisked away to some hospital or in the hands of some unknown cape.

But what will happen to Eddie Blake?

Let’s Put a Smile on that Face

Yes, The Comedian is obviously a metaphor for Marvel’s Captain America. But it’s almost as if he’s mixed with a famous DC personality…the Joker. Throughout Watchmen he views the world with a mix of anarchy and sado-masochism. His talents for destruction are utilized often by his government, but he has no personal investment in anything. He murders without care or worry. All in the name of Uncle Sam. But it’s always clear, he is a beast of no nation. If anyone would be willing to pay Eddie Blake, he would murder anyone. Well, that would be his next employer.

So that character is now loose on the DC Universe. Apparently, thanks to the work of Dr. Manhattan. Doomsday Clock #3 has only featured Dr. Manhattan in flashbacks, like here with Eddie Blake. But soon enough his grand entrance will take place and the true story will unfold. DC Universe: Rebirth #1 began a lengthy and complex story that attempts to explain why the comic universes were altered.

Eddie Blake isn’t an intellectual. He’s not a supervillain, he’s not a superhero. The Comedian is a force of nature not unlike a tornado. Made of nothing but pure terror and destruction, with no desire for good. Only to create as much havoc and destruction as possible. If Dr. Manhattan has plans for him, they can’t be good.

There is still plenty of mystery in the pages of Doomsday Clock. Dr. Manhattan has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. The Comedian, Eddie Blake, is just the first.

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