Since it became official that none other than Ryan Reynolds would voice everyone’s favorite Pokemon, Pikachu, details of the upcoming feature film have been minimal. However, thanks to some props in London we have our first look at the Pokemon that will inhabit the world of Detective Pikachu.

Twitter user @HowardBud stumbled across the props on location in London.  He gifted us some amazing photos of the sets. We get to see parts of what will become the Ryme City Police Department, and if you look at some of the posters on the wall we get our first view of what the Pokemon might look like.

Take a look at the Tweet below!

If you focus on the missing photos we get to see Pancham, Graveller, and a few missing Machokes. In their detail, we can see that the film is trying it’s best to find a good bridge to bring in some realism, without ruining the fantasy that made Pokemon a staple.

Also seen is the police department’s decal which highlights a world where the partnership between Pokemon and humans are critical. This all comes together with the photo of the police plaza sign.

In The Great Spirit of Ryme City, All Humans And Pokemon Are Welcome At All Times in Police Plaza. Police Plaza is Private Property And No Rights of Way Are Intended To be Dedicated Over the Property. You Are Very Welcome To Enjoy The Area. However, There Are A Few Rules For the Enjoyment, Safety, And Security of All:

-No Skateboarding

-No Roller-Blading

-No Cycling

Please Note That Images Are Being Recording For The Purposes of:  

Public Safety

Crime Prevention And Detection

Property Management

Information Is Available From the Police Plaza Management Team On 01 176 8906

In the last photo, we get to see a bit of what looks to be the police cars that are going to be used for the movie. Though they are mostly covered so we can’t see them in their full glory quite yet.

Are you excited about seeing Pancham, Graveller, and Machoke? What other Pokemon do you hope show up?


Detective Pikachu is expected to be released May 10th, 2019.



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