Little by little photos and information from Sony’s upcoming Venom stand-alone film have been leaking out. About a month ago Just Jared revealed some pretty stunning shots of Eddie Brock’s Tom Hardy and Scott Haze’s unknown character taking it to each other on set.

If you look closely you can see that they’re in the middle of what seems to be a fight scene. Though my bet is that Eddie is about to clam Scott’s clock. If you go through the photos you can see some makeup that shows both men in what looks to be in a bloody brawl. This keeps close to the fact that Venom is rumored to get a R-rating. That’s thanks to the success of movies such as Deadpool and Logan respectfully.

The photos were also accompanied by a set video of Hardy fighting against Haze’s character. Speculation abounded about who Scott Haze’s character could be. Many believed he could be playing Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. There have been a number of rumors Carnage will show up in the film. Many speculated Riz Ahmed or even Woody Harrelson could be Carnage. However, a new report from MCU Exchange reveals Haze’s character is Roland Treece, the found of Treece International. He is also a member of the Life Foundation’s Board of Directors. Riz Ahmed will also play Carlton Drake, a member of the Life Foundation. It’s also expected that we will see Dr. Collins and Dr. Emerson show up in the movie as well.

Along with Scott Haze’s character reveal, MCU Exchange also reports Jenny Slate’s character will be a scientist named Dora Skirth. She also works for the Life Foundation. Her character appears to be a brand new one made for the film.

Venom definitely looks to be chock full of characters and we haven’t even figured out who is playing Carnage, the major villain rumored for the film. However, it does appear that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker or Spider-Man will at least be making a cameo.

Venom is expected to open October 5, 2018. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!