It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Brian Michael Bendis’ 1st DC Series!

Fans and readers have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Brian Michael Bendis’s first DC book(s), and now the time has come. Today, DC Comics announced that Brian Michael Bendis will takeover as the lead writer on Action Comics starting with issue #1001. This announcement comes after it was revealed he would be writing a story for Action Comics #1000, which will see the return of Superman’s classic red trunks.

This is incredibly exciting news. Dan Jurgens has been doing a great job since Rebirth, but the series could use a fresh perspective. DC also briefly described how Bendis will be approaching his Action Comics run.

Bendis will deliver stories that are more character-focused, introduce new characters (both heroes and villains) and spotlight more of Clark Kent and his role at the Daily Planet. ACTION will also take a closer look at how the actions of Superman impact the DC Universe.

The series will aim to build on the “popularity already generated by co-writer Peter J. Tomasi and co-writer/artist Pat Gleason.” So much so that Gleason will be the artist for Action Comics #1001. It’s unclear just how long Gleason will be the artist for the series, but his inclusion is a fantastic addition to the book. Tomasi and Gleason’s work on the Superman series have been nothing short of incredible. They’ve bridged universes, formed a family, and turned the title into one of DC’s best series.

Jurgens has had a great run on Action Comics, with everything from heroic Lex Luthor to multiple Clark Kents. Rebirth introduced some weird elements into the DC Universe, with more than a few doppelgangers walking around. But DC Comics and Brian Michael Bendis are looking to take the title back to its more grounded roots.

Actions Comics #1000 (and beyond) is a wonderful occasion for the entire Comics world. Time to celebrate!