“It’s too late for that, it’s too late for you.”

There are certain parts of the filmmaking process that aren’t as glamorous as most believe they are. Like in any job, there isn’t always a fancy device or machine to “get the job done.” Such was the case for Aquaman director James Wan and Black Manta actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIRecently, they were doing “voice looping” for the upcoming film. It’s a process that allows for recording different audio tracks and then looping them an unlimited amount of time.

As many know, since Abdul-Mateen is playing Black Manta, he’s going to be spending some time inside of a rather large helmet. So, it makes sense that for some of his ADR sessions they would need to simulate the helmet. It doesn’t always sound natural when adding filters or voice effects after the fact, so using something while recording makes a lot more sense.

But what they used is just… hilarious.

There’s a few notable things about the picture. Most directors aren’t around for voice looping or ADR sessions. The fact that James Wan wants to be everywhere his actors are performing is a testament to his dedication.

Next, is the tongue-in-cheek nature of the photo. Clearly, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and James Wan are having some fun together. While this doesn’t reveal any major details or story elements about Aquaman, it’s a glimpse into just how closely the film’s director is monitoring his work. It also shows just how good of a rapport he has with his actors. If Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is willing to let his director post a picture of his head in a trashcan, the two are probably friends.

Since Aquaman is Warner Bros.’ first DC film since their recent shake-up, a lot is riding on it. Justice League landed them in a lot of trouble. Hopefully, Aquaman can help get them out.