Over the last few weeks I know I’ve been waiting for something new to come out for the Untitled Deadpool Sequel. Promotional material for the film has been on the down low since Fox changed the release date. However, we did get a Deadpool Super Bowl surprise!

During the Super Bowl, the Merc with a Mouth decided to take to Twitter and provide his own commentary on the game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. It might not have been a trailer like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or a teaser like Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it sure kept me entertained. Wade Wilson saw other celebrities live-tweeting events and decided to try it out himself. But it’s got the classic Deadpool spin!

Check out the tweets below!

I’m with him, not a fan of the Midwest winters. Seen it, done it, no thank you. I couldn’t imagine being out in the cold for that entire time. Most of us would probably turn into popsicles. It must have been quite cold for fans leaving the enclosed stadium.

Deadpool definitely enjoyed the dueling commercials between Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Known for his often dark and off-color humor, Wade Wilson makes light of quite a bit including the idea of grown men fighting over pigskin in some tights.

He even makes a number of player references.

And he’s not afraid of laying on a little criticism!

And just before the half time performance he was praying, hoping NSYNC would show up.

While, Deadpool might have been live-tweeting the game, he might not have been paying all that much attention to it! How many of us can relate?

His trip to the bathroom might not have been the best!

Blind Al even got in on the act, complaining about Deadpool’s immature behavior.

And apparently Deadpool doesn’t have a DVR. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had a problem watching Puppy Bowl!

He even started cracking jokes about himself!

He even threw shade at Colossus and hinted he might be looking for a replacement for the beloved X-Men.

Doritos finally got back to Deadpool after his praise for their hilarious commercial.

Deadpool even targeted NBC and their coverage.

He must have started watching a replay of the Washington Capital and Las Vegas Golden Knights because he started talking about a zamboni!

He even had advice for Eagles coach Doug Pederson.

It’s great to see Fox marketing capitalizing on the success of the first films unorthodox marketing plan. I do wish to see more, now I wonder how far they plan on taking it as we slowly approach May 18th.

We won’t have to wait that long for a brand new trailer. It’s expected to premiere during Black Panther’s release on February 16, 2018.

Now I wonder, what other marketing ideas the people at Fox have come up with? Deadpool’s Good House Keeping issue was amazing, to say the least. It not only provided fans with what we wanted but in a different and uniquely Deadpool way.

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel will make it to theaters May 18th.