Writer Christopher Priest and artist Marco Santucci made waves in Justice League #38. First, they made Fox News host and conservative commentator Sean Hannity an enemy of the Justice League. But they also chose a new leader for the Justice League.

But before they chose a new leader, they had Superman put their main leader on a hiatus. After a talk that takes place off panel, Batman tells the team, “Fine. I’ll take a few weeks. Then we’ll talk.”

The Justice League believes he’s become obsessed with The Fan and they are also concerned that Batman has formed his own secondary Justice League with Lobo and Killer Frost, not to mention the Bat Family in Gotham. Wonder Woman is particularly concerned that he never sleeps.

And they are right about Batman becoming obsessed with The Fan. Batman explains to Green Lantern Jessica Cruz that his hiatus from the Justice League will be “long enough to solve [his] problem.” That problem being the Fan or as Batman describes him, “the lunatic.”

But before Bruce leaves the Justice League Watchtower, he invokes the right to appoint a new Chairman as written in the Justice League Charter. And Bruce’s decision might surprise a number of folks.

He chooses Victor Stone aka Cyborg.

However, as you can see in the end credits, it’s not fully confirmed that Victor Stone will become the new leader of the Justice League. It’s possible another candidate might take on the role. But as of Justice League #38, Cyborg is the new shot-caller for the Justice League. The defense of Earth is now in his hands.

Do you like Batman’s choice for the new leader of the Justice League? Or would you have preferred one of the other members?

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