Marvel Comics will roll out a brand new Deadpool story by writer Al Ewing and artists Salva Espin and Paco Diaz called You Are Deadpool. The five issue miniseries will combine comics and classic role playing games to turn readers into Deadpool.

Here’s how Marvel describes it:

 YOU ARE DEADPOOL is an interactive narrative that lets readers control Deadpool’s story by rolling dice, keeping track of their scores, and making smart (or disastrous) decisions.

Al Ewing provides a little more information:

YOU ARE DEADPOOL is a five-part adventure gamebook in the classic tradition of FIGHTING FANTASY, LONE WOLF and DICEMAN — where YOU, and the cut-out-and-keep DEADPOOL DIE, control the action! Every week brings a COMPLETE single-player adventure — where you encounter glamorous guest-stars like HULK, GHOST RIDER, GRASSHOPPER, DAREDEVIL and ANOTHER GRASSHOPPER — that form an EPIC QUEST the like of which you’ve NEVER SEEN, unless you have!

Ewing continues:

And there’s more! Fight END-OF-LEVEL BOSSES! Manage your inventory by STEALING background objects! Explore FIVE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES in NEARLY ANY ORDER! Play the TUTORIAL LEVEL! Enjoy UNIQUE MINIGAMES about BAR FIGHTS, BEAT POETRY and SNEAKING THROUGH LEVELS! LAUGH! CRY! CHEAT! It’s all waiting for YOU — because YOU ARE DEADPOOL!

It’s definitely unique and interesting. I’m not really sure how it will play out or exactly how interactive it will be. It is still a comic book after all. It looks like you will roll a die and it will take you to a certain panel based off your die roll.

Take a look at the die:

You Are Deadpool Die

Based off these preview panels. This game looks pretty complicated. Primarily because you have no idea what Kieron Gillen rolled. How in the world do you know if you beat him or lost to him when he isn’t even rolling? Or are you supposed to pretend you are Deadpool and Kieron Gillen? It seems a little confusing.

I guess it is something unique and different. What do you think? Will you give this a try or is the idea a loser from the get go?

You Are Deadpool #1 goes on sale on May 2, 2018. The series will feature cover art by Rahzahh.