One thing that Justice League needed more of was Superman. Unfortunately, big blue was dead for most of the film. But eventually the team banded together to…resurrect him. It was kind of weird and kind of awesome. But it gave audiences a glimpse at what a Superman Unleashed is really capable of. The scene where he battles the Justice League is by far the most entertaining part of the film.

After the fight, a confused Superman disappears with Lois Lane and goes to find himself. As many expected, there was previously much more to the sequence. Superman’s disappearance was the “point” of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and his resurrection is one of the main plot points of Justice League. Unfortunately, more time is spent talking about how to bring him back to life than allowing him to deal with his own death. Audiences never really get to see Superman deal with his own existence; to come to terms with the fact that his work is not yet over.

But there are more Easter Eggs that were expected. In the comics, when Superman comes back to life he features a new hairdo and some new digs. The “Black Suit” Superman wears on occasion was confirmed for the film some time ago. Although we didn’t get to see it in theaters, Warner Bros. finally revealed it, in all its glory.

There’s nothing quite like listening to Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel theme. It sends chills down the spine as Clark Kent once again wanders down the halls of a Kryptonian ship, searching for answers.

It would have been more exciting to see Henry Cavill wear the suit, but it wouldn’t really have made sense in the film.

In fact, Superman’s suit was brighter than ever. Hopefully, the bright blue and red will return for a Man of Steel 2.

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