**WARNING Potential Spoilers for Venom**

After the release of the underwhelming Venom teaser trailer last week, a rather comprehensive plot breakdown of the film has leaked onto Reddit.

**Warning Potential Spoilers Below**

The alleged leaked plot reveals Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock has just  been released from prison and is out on early parole. After getting out of prison, he goes to meet up with his wife and daughter. His wife has moved on and his daughter doesn’t recognize him.

He seemingly falls into despair, heads into the woods, and begins drinking excessively. He eventually passes out in the woods. That’s when space debris, reportedly from a classified meteor sampling probe, crash lands next to him.

The symbiote which was part of the wreckage finds Brock passed out and seeps into a skin, healing a wound he previously received.

Reports of the wreckage lead the government to investigate the crash site. While the government investigates the wreckage, a second symbiote bonds with a scientist. A third symbiote is eventually captured. The scientist who is bonded with the second symbiote is eventually killed by the symbiote. However, the symbiote never leaves his body.

Brock eventually wakes up from all the commotion and attempts to flee the scene without being discovered. It doesn’t work out and he’s captured by government forces.

Brock is then taken back to a lab where they perform a number of experiments on him. They eventually discover the symbiote and isolate it within his system. After determining its location, they slice into Brock. The symbiote manifests and kills the scientists performing the experiments.

Brock attempts to flee the lab, while the symbiote begins easily killing guards and scientists. There also appears to be a crazy action scene where the symbiote forms a number of arms and dispatches an entire room full of scientists and guards.

Brock eventually escapes the lab and dives into a lake. He then finds himself in San Francisco. While his family has seemingly rejected him, he still wants to see them and he heads back to find them. However, government agents are awaiting his return.

Brock attempts to flee and a car chase ensues. The symbiote creates a shield in front of Brock’s car and allows him to flee the agents. It also begins knocking cars into the path of the pursuing agents.

However, the main government agent blocks Brock’s path and threatens that he will never see his wife and child again unless he comes with him. The threat works and Brock returns to the lab with the government agent.

Once he gets back to the lab, the third symbiote is revealed. Once Brock sees it, his symbiote goes crazy and forms the “Venom” costume. The other symbiote breaks free of its container and bonds with the main government agent. Brock and the government agent then break into a fight.

During the fight, Brock sees his ex-wife and child and the symbiote suit dissipates for a brief moment. The fight continues and Brock eventually defeats the rival symbiote. He then escapes the facility with his ex-wife and daughter.

The movie ends with the previously believed dead scientist with the symbiote waking up.

Along with these plot details, the leak also revealed, the Venom costume is only seen for around two minutes. The symbiote is primarily seen manifesting itself as black veins around Brock’s arms and legs. It can also create extra arms for moving stuff.

They then provide a disclaimer stating they only saw a pre-visual rough cut, so there could be quite a few changes.

They then gave a brief review describing Venom as “pretty good despite the lack of actual Venom.”

You can see their full break down below:

Venom Plot

Do you think this is how the Venom movie will go? Is this what you are expecting of the Venom movie?

Venom comes to theaters on October 5, 2018.