The Incredible Hulk has had numerous foes over the years. They’ve included The Thing, Wolverine, Abomination, the ABsorbing Man, Sandman, Zzzax, Tyrannus, Red King, Maestro, The Leader, and more. In fact, we’ve gotten to see a couple of amazing live-action movies featuring some of Hulk’s primary villains with Abomination and General Ross. We even got to see him smash Loki and take on his brother Thor in last year’s Thor: Ragnarok.

However, we wanted to find out what were the Incredible Hulk’s five best fights. We went down to Flashback: Comics and visited with store manager Troy-David Phillips to get his expert take on the Incredible Hulk!


Do you agree with Troy? Are these the five best Incredible Hulk fights or are there fights which you think should have been included? What are your five favorite Incredible Hulk fights?

What Incredible Hulk fights from the comics would you like to see Marvel Studios adapt to the big screen? Would you like to see them finally introduce the Fantastic Four and see the Incredible Hulk do battle with The Thing? Would you like to see a recreation of Wolverine’s first comic book appearance as he takes on not only the Incredible Hulk, but Wendigo as well. Would you like to see Bruce Banner outsmart General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and his transformation into Red Hulk?

I know I would love to see the Red Hulk vs Incredible Hulk fight be brought to the big screen. Can you imagine the Red Hulk smashing Hulk to the ground causing what looks to be a nuclear explosion! How epic would that be on the big screen?

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