Justice League Deleted Scene Finally Reveals Who Alfred Was Talking To!


One of the most talked about pieces from Justice League revolved around who Alfred was talking to when he said, “He said you’d come.” Many speculated it could be Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. Others believed it could have been Martian Manhunter or Supergirl. However, the most predominant theory was that he was speaking to Superman.

A deleted scene from Justice League finally reveals that Alfred was talking to Superman.


The scene starts off with a whiskey glass shaking and Alfred working on a classic car. When Alfred looks down to pick up a tool he notices the table shaking. However, he appears to have brushed the shaking aside.When we next see him, he’s got his head tucked under the hood of the car. That’s when Superman shows up and tells him, “I’m assuming you are Alfred.” Alfred replies with an awe-inspired tone, “Master Kent.” He then breaks into the dialogue made famous by the trailer, “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you are not too late.”

Along with this brief dialogue, Hans Zimmer’s gorgeous score plays in the background. It’s extremely pleasant to listen to and really amps up your emotions and makes you feel just like Alfred, in awe of Superman!

You can watch the clip above or get your hands on the Justice League digital release which is available today.

What do you think about the clip? It’s less than 30 seconds long. Why would they cut this out. It really amplifies the majesty of Superman and shows just how much of a symbol of hope he is even to Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted ally. If Alfred feels that kind of awe, you know Batman is feeling a little bit of that awe as well!

This isn’t the only deleted scene Warner Bros. and DC Films decided not to include. They also removed a scene where Superman’s Black Suit is revealed.

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