Beware of spoilers to Batman #41, ye who enter here

Love is in the air…

Poison Ivy is an…interesting Batman villain. She’s certainly one of his more memorable villains. She’s had a live-action interpretation; she was prominent on Batman: The Animated Series. But it’s been a while since she’s put on a show for Gotham. These days, she’s mostly an anti-villain who finds herself in misadventures with Harley Quinn. Tom King thought she needed a different adventure. In Batman #41 Poison Ivy once again shows she’s one of the most stunning creatures on the entire planet. One that inspires the love of many.

In case you didn’t realize, Ivy is known for her toxins and manipulation of plant life. Whether you watched Batman and Robin or played Batman: Arkham Asylum you’re aware that Ivy’s got a thing for plants. She speaks to them; they speak back. This is how her powers have always worked. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily get more creative than that.

There’s a reason you don’t read much about Ivy. Her powers make her sort of a one-trick pony, because controlling people and plants with her toxins has always been her shtick. That doesn’t change in Batman #41. In fact, writer Tom King and artist Mikel Janin don’t change the character much at all.

In the beginning of the issue, Bruce knows something is up. He quickly runs to the BatCave and administers an anti-toxin to himself and Selina just in time. But then Ivy is ready to speak, revealing her plan for a better world.

Just how can she create this better world? Well, it turns out this time she has a few more people under her control than usual..

A Brave, New World that has Such People in it

If Ivy is going to create her “better world” she’s going to need some inhabitants. Quite a few if she’s going to want an entire world. Since Ivy has always proven herself to be quite capable she has no problem finding a few people for her world. Something she loves taunting Bruce and Selina with.

Poison Ivy - DC Comics Batman #41

Poison Ivy – Art by Mikel Janin, Colors by June Chung

Once more speaking through Alfred, Ivy decides to share the extent of her reach.

Poison Ivy - DC Comics Batman #41

Alfred, Bruce and Selina – Art by Mikel Janin, Colors by June Chung

Has your jaw-dropped? It should have. Poison Ivy controls the entire population of planet Earth in the pages of Batman #41!

When Bruce tries to punch Alfred/Ivy, a Flash steps right in front and takes the blow. Ivy’s response? She has more Flash’s at her disposal. This is a dire and serious situation for Selina and Bruce, but an awesomely entertaining read for comic book fans. Obviously, Ivy’s hold on the DC Universe isn’t going to last for long. Free will tends to be something characters need to star in stories. But Tom King knew just how to perfectly raise the stakes to get everyone to fall in love with Poison Ivy all over again.

Unfortunately, it would seem Poison Ivy got a few too many people to fall in love with her. Enough for her to take the DC Universe and create her “better world”.

The only heroes standing in her way are Bruce and Selina.

They’ve faced terrible odds before, but this is an entirely different situation. Batman and Catwoman versus Poison Ivy and the entire world? The DC Universe literally can’t wait for the next installment in Batman #42.

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