Two kids must have just seen the classic Little Rascals when they tried to go see Marvel Studios’ Black Panther over the weekend. The kids stacked themselves on top of each and wore an oversized trench coat in order to disguise themselves as one very large man.

While they didn’t put on the fake beards like the Little Rascals, they did wear a slick looking hat.

They described their goal of trying to get a “two for one special at Black Panther.”

When they finally approached the ticket booth, the salesman immediately told them to get down. “You’re going to have to get down, man.” However, they tried to fool him and responded, “Get down from what?” He wasn’t buying, “I can’t let you in unless you get down.” You can even hear their friend who is recording the whole encounter try and get them to escalate the situation by asking for the manager.

It was definitely a hilarious attempt. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for the Little Rascals and didn’t work for these guys!

I’m surprised they didn’t actually get down and still try to go see Black Panther. It had one of the biggest opening weekends in history. Not to mention, the film was wildly embraced by critics, although audiences have generally liked the movie, they weren’t as sold on it as much as the critics.

What do you think about these guys’ stunt? What would you have done if you saw this at your theater?

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