Comic Book Writer Wishes Horrible Death on Afghanistan Veteran

Michelle Perez

Image Comics writer Michelle Perez took things to another level this week when she wished an absolutely horrific death on Afghanistan war veteran  and comics critic Diversity & Comics also known as Richard C. Meyer. Perez wrote the upcoming graphic novel, The Pervert, with artist Remy Boydell. The book is being published through Image Comics.

As you can see below Perez quotes herself, “it sucks that an IED didn’t blow him up.”

This tweet is in reference to a previous one where she specifically calls out Richard C. Meyer and says, “Unfortunately, an IED didn’t blow him up.”

Perez then made a number of tweets about Meyer.

Diversity & Comics responded to the Michelle Perez wishing he had died via YouTube video:

But Richard Meyer wasn’t her only target. She also went after a number of conservative icons including Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Antonin Scalia, and Billy Graham.

She would then add Margaret Thatch to that list.

Her threats provoked a response from Kurt Eichenwald, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair.

The two would then engage in a heated debate where Perez defended why she attacked the conservative icons and why “it’s great” they are dead.

Michelle Perez is using the publicity from Eichenwald to sell her book. It’s more than likely her attack against Richard C. Meyer was meant to provoke this intense reaction from both sides in the culture war especially with heightened tensions between both the left and the right over the Second Amendment and gun control in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. The divisiveness allows her to claim being the victim for her side and promote herself as such. This victim status lets her more easily manipulate her side’s emotions and get them to support her by purchasing her novel.

It’s a shameful tactic, but appears to be working. The book is currently the #9 book from Image Comics and the #13 book in Educational & Nonfiction. It is also the #1 book in Amazon’s Gay & Lesbian category. Overall the book sits at 5,924.

Despite the successful marketing tactic, her actions are quite disgusting. The calling for the death of someone because you disagree with his politics is just nasty.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to ideological war raging for the heart of America. I expect there to be more and more instances like this. We’ve already seen people on the Left get Will Caligan fired for his conservative beliefs. They’ve also targeted Mike Rowe and Kevin Sorbo. Michelle Perez appears to be going after Eichenwald and his job at Variety because he called her out for her disgusting attack against an Afghanistan war veteran. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it escalate into physical violence in the near future.

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