With the breaking news of Joss Whedon’s departure from the Batgirl film, it didn’t take very long for others to throw their hat into the ring. Roxane Gay, the co-author of Marvel’s Black Panther: World of Wakanda comic series, took the opportunity to reach out to DC Comics and to her surprise they seemed interested.

Vice President of Warner Bros. Entertainment Michele Wells responded, “If you’re serious…contact me.”

This project has been in talks since last March, when Joss Whedon came on board Justice League. Whedon was expected to write and direct the film as well as bring in an unknown actress to play Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl. That didn’t stop Lindsay Lohan from throwing her name into the mix.

Gordon is the daughter of Batman’s favorite police officer commissioner James Gordon. Back in 1967, the character made her debut after taking over the mantle from the original Bat-Birl Betty Kane. Later on, Barbara would evolve in multiple ways such as becoming the Oracle after the Joker paralyzed her in The Killing Joke. Though now after the New 52 relaunch she’s back to her original role of Batgirl.

The potential new writer Roxane Gay has some unique experiences to bring with her if she is chosen to come aboard the project. As a writer not only has she co-authored Black Panther: World of Wakanda, but she is also a published novelist. She wrote An Untamed State as well as a collection of essays titled Bad Feminist.

While Michele Wells reached out to Gay, it doesn’t mean she will secure the position. However, it does indicate Warner Bros. and DC Films are serious about pursuing the Batgirl project. However, what’s really interesting is if this film will take place in the DC Extended Universe alongside Justice League, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and Man of Steel or if like the upcoming Joker origin movie it exists outside of the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. hasn’t been very clear as to the exact direction they will be taking their comic book movies moving forward.

One thing that Roxane Gay does have going in her favor is the whole #MeToo movement in Hollywood. Scuttlebutt indicates Joss Whedon was asked to leave the Batgirl project because he could have faced significant public scrutiny directing a female superhero. Whedon was recently the focus of a scathing article written by his ex-wife who accused him of sexist behavior. It’s possible that Warner Bros. might use this opportunity to bring in Roxane Gay as a buffer against the tide of exposed sexists and predators in the industry.

I want to hear from all of you. What do you think? Is Batgirl on its last legs? Or will the possible inclusion of Roxane Gay bring life to a project that has thus far gone nowhere. Do you want to see Roxane Gay write Batgirl?


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