Yes, you read the headline correctly! Writers Scott Snyder and Jason Aaron will be taking on two of the biggest teams in comics, and they’re itching for them to meet! But does that mean a crossover will happen?

Snyder, who is currently writing DC Comics’ mega event Dark Nights: Metal  expressed his excitement about Jason Aaron’s next big gig which just so happens to be Avengers. While Dark Nights: Metal comes to a close Snyder will be launching a Justice League miniseries, Justice League: No Justice. That’s when Jason Aaron suggested they do a Justice League vs Avengers crossover. Snyder was open to the idea, “I would do that with you anytime brother!”

Take a look at the Twitter exchange between the two.

Both writers as you can see are not only on board with the idea, but quickly responded to the other without delay.

If the crossover were to happen, it would be the first one since 2004. JLA/Avengers #1 debuted in September of 2003 and the series for four issues ending in March 2004. It was written by Kurt Busiek with art by George Pérez. Busiek had previously written a number of Justice League stories in the 80s as well as a number of backup stories in the early 2000s. He also wrote a number of Avengers books in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

The chances of the crossover actually happening are pretty slim. Marvel’s Tom Brevoort quashed the idea at Baltimore Comic-Con last year when he said it would be ““pretty dire [for Marvel] to do [crossovers with DC] again.”

But that was also last year when Marvel had a different Editor-in-Chief. Maybe with C.B. Cebulski in charge we could see a Justice League/Avengers crossover in the near future.

Justice League: No Justice is expected to come out later this year and Avengers #1 will be here sometime in May. What do you think, can Scott Snyder and Jason Aaron get DC and Marvel to put together another crossover series? And if so what would you like to see in a potential crossover? Tell us in the comments below!