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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is doing quite a lot with their Marvel properties. While many know the company is in the “middle” of a rather large merger, they’re still making plans for down the road. It was revealed that the studio is focusing on two “spinoff projects” starring Dr. Doom and Silver Surfer. The latter film being written by comic giant Brian K. Vaughan.

Fans will recognize both Surfer and Doom from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The 2005 film didn’t receive much acclaim, but it had some cool visuals like Silver Surfer killing Dr. Doom. Fun stuff. Vaughan is probably going to go in a very different direction for his film. The character has starred in several great stories. It gives Vaughan plenty of resources from which he can draw his script. Since Vaughan is one of the most talented names in the industry, he’s more than capable of coming up with a great story. But a lot of these films borrow story elements these days. So chances are Vaughan might bring part of the Surfer’s past for his new story.

But what are the best stories to help bring Silver Surfer into the modern age? Let’s take a look.

1. Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus

Fantastic Four #48 - Marvel Comics

The Silver Surfer’s first appearance is similar to his first film appearance. He is an “angelic herald” for Galactus. That was the character’s intention when first created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and that was probably the most interesting part of the character in the 2005 film. If the film is going to tell an epic story with Silver Surfer, he needs to be in the shadow of Galactus.

2. Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer run

Silver Surfer - Marvel Comics

Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer run is parallel to Tom King’s run on Vision. They took a character most saw as wooden, or literally robotic, and gave them an emotional arc. With the introduction of Dawn Greenwood, fans were able to venture across the cosmos with the Surfer. It was a fun and heartwarming run. One that could be a wonderful introduction to the character on the big screen.

3. Silver Surfer: Parable 

Silver Surfer - Marvel Comics

The story is a somewhat similar re-telling to the character’s introduction in the Fantastic Four comic. But this series allowed for Stan Lee to explore the Surfer’s perspective on the whole Galactus invasion thing. In this story, the Surfer is disguised as a homeless man on Earth when Galactus arrives. An interesting direction and beginning for Brian K. Vaughan to give the character.

4. Silver Surfer: Requiem

Silver Surfer: Requiem - Marvel Comics

Sometimes the end makes for a great beginning. That’s the kind of story Requiem could mean for its star superhero. The story explores the mortality of one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel Universe. It’s a beautiful and meditative exploration of the stars by way of a slowly dying creature. As one small spot grows and grows. It wouldn’t be much of a franchise-starter, but it would make for an incredible story.

5. Silver Surfer: In Thy Name 

Silver Surfer - In Thy Name - Marvel Comics

In Thy Name is a 4 issue limited series by Simon Spurrier. The story is fairly similar to many starring the Surfer. He comes upon a world whose inhabitants are selfish and unworthy of the gifts they receive. But is everything so black and white, even to the Herald of Galactus? Of course not. While the commentary of the story may be heavy-handed, it’s a wonderful tale that has plenty of themes and ideas that could help Brian K. Vaughan’s Silver Surfer become a legendary story.

What stories do you want to see Vaughan adapt for the big screen? Are you excited for a Silver Surfer movie?

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