The Dailymail UK has just released an explosive report about Stan Lee. Stan Lee fired his longtime road manager and body guard as well as a nurse after a confrontation ensued involving Lee’s daughter, JC.

Longtime bodyguard Max Anderson and Stan Lee’s personal nurse Linda Sanchez both got pink slips. Sanzchez is already under investigation by Adult Protective Services (APS) for giving Stan Lee naked showers. A complaint to the Los Angeles County APS also accuses Sanchez of giving Stan Lee inappropriate massages. In it she is accused of “undue influence.” She’s also been accused of dressing inappropriately and becoming overly affectionate. When questioned whether her relationship crossed a line Sanchez said, “No, absolutely not. Never has been, never will be. I respect him and he respects me as well and everyone else who has worked here.” However, she did bathe him in the shower for “hygiene” reasons. She also denied her dress saying, “I don’t do cleavage. Showing sexy stuff is not really my style, I like long sleeves, turtle necks and sweaters.”

Not only is Sanchez under investigation, but it appears both she and Anderson were attempting to drive a wedge between Stan Lee and his only daughter and sole heir, JC Lee.

The report indicates Stan has told police he fears for his life when it comes to Anderson. Anderson has been banned from entering Lee’s home. He’s also accused of attempting to bribe another nurse to “make false claims against JC Lee and one of her associates.” The nurse told the Daily Mail, Anderson offered her $50,000.

Since the altercation with JC and Anderson, Sanchez has reportedly gone missing and her nursing agency has released her.

These firings all stem from the recent alleged battery that took place at Stan Lee’s home earlier this month. Filmmaker Keya Morgan described the incident:

Stan Lee’s daughter was upset and crying and felt very scared of Max and asked me for help. She called me and I immediately rushed over to the house and called 911. The police arrived soon after I got there and removed Max from the house.

JC and Anderson were in a heated argument before Max allegedly became “threatening and intimidating.”

Anderson has a criminal past. He served a full year in jail for beating up his wife in 2002. He then beat up his son in 2010 and was sentenced to 36 months probation as well as anger management classes and a fine.

Not only did Lee fire Anderson and Sanchez, but it also appears he made a change with his lawyer as well. He let go of Tom Lallas and hired Ron Rale, who previously represented Anna Nicole Smith. Daily Mail reports they have a notarized letter informing Lallas that his services are no longer required. Oddly, Lallas claims he still represents Lee. He told the DailyMail, “No, that is not true. In our view Ron Rale has no authority to act on behalf of Stan Lee. If you publish something that ruins my reputation that’s false… I’ll sue you to the end of the earth and I will collect every asset that you have ever owned.”

To add on to Stan Lee’s woes, he announced today that he is battling with pneumonia.

All of this and it’s only the second month of the year. It seems that between Stan’s health and personal issues the comic giant might be in for some rough waters.

Let’s hope he gets everything sorted out and can right the ship.

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