9 Times Thanos Was Defeated and 8 Times He Brutally Killed His Enemies!

1. Drax Kills Thanos

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In the pages of Annihilation by writer Keith Giffen and artist Andrea Divito, Drax is on a mission to hunt down and kill Thanos, who has allied himself with Annihilus. In fact, Thanos and Annihilus have even captured Galactus and are using him to siphon off cosmic power. However, Annihilus has other plans for Galactus. Thanos discovers his plans when he uses Moondragon, the daughter of Drax, to telepathically connect to Annihilus. Thanos discovers Annihilus is using Galactus as a giant bomb to destroy the universe as well as the Negative Zone. When Thanos decides to intervene and prevent Annihilus from using Galactus, that’s when Drax finally reaches him. Drax is briefly slowed by his daughter, but he quickly disarms her. He then punches his fist through Thanos’ back and holds his heart in his hand. Drax then lets Thanos’ body fall to the ground as the Mad Titan is defeated.

1 2 3 4 19
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