Graphic designer and artist Boss Logic created a wicked picture of Star Wars and Pacific Rim Uprising actor John Boyega as Blade.

Take a look:

Blade might be one of Marvel’s more popular characters. Blade saw a resurgence in recent months with a number of people in the press claiming Black Panther was the first black superhero movie. Many fans quickly pointed to Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy. Not only that Wesley Snipes was pushing Marvel to bring Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with him returning as the Daywalker.

Many fans can only envision Snipes as Blade and it appears Boss Logic agrees with them as he makes it abundantly clear, “Only if Wesley Snipes passes the torch. We all ❤️ the OG.”

Blade was a box office success when it released on August 21, 1998. The film grossed $131.2 million at the box office on a $45 million budget. The film saw Blade team up with hematologist Karen Jenson and his old friend Abraham Whistler. The three would wage a war against upstart vampire Deacon Frost who plans to perform the ritual to summon the vampire blood god, La Magra.

While John Boyega looks the part, I still think the role belongs to Snipes. His Blade movies are for the most part pretty freaking awesome. The opening scene to the first movie is literally the stuff of legends.

If Marvel doesn’t tap Snipes, Boyega could be a decent replacement, but I’d rather see Michael B. Jordan back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the possibility of a recurring role. We’ve seen his on-screen presence in Black Panther and it was absolutely phenomenal.

Who do you want to see play Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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