**Warning Spoilers for Infinity Countdown #1 Below**

The Infinity Countdown has fully begun and the race to collect the Infinity Stones has started in earnest.

In Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Marvel revealed to us who controlled the Soul Stone. However, the Soul Stone wouldn’t be in his possession for long. In Infinity Countdown Prime #1, there would be a new wielder of the Soul Stone.

However, the Soul Stone isn’t the only Infinity Stone being sought. In Infinity Countdown #1 by Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder, a major battle is being wade over control over the Power Stone. Drax is tasked with defending it, but he might be overwhelmed as there are a number of competing factions who wish to wield it.

There is also the Space Stone which the newly revived Wolverine has been guarding extremely carefully. However, he decides to finally vacate the responsibility of guarding the Space Stone. And he leaves it to another former Avenger who is presumed dead. That’s right Wolverine leaves the Space Stone in the possession of Black Widow. But the best part might be how he leaves her the Space Stone. He out maneuvers one of the best spies on the planet.

Logan infiltrates one of Black Widow’s dead drops in Madripoor. He doesn’t disturb anything, but leaves Black Widow a note telling her, “N- Take care of this -L.” Inside the back of a toilet, Black Widow finds the Space Stone.

Infinity Countdown #1

And as she aptly puts it, her “world is on fire again.” It definitely is given what we’ve seen so far in Infinity Countdown. We’ve seen the Soul Stone change possession. There is a massive war being waged over the Power Stone and now the Space Stone has switched hands. Needless to say, those who seem to be in control of the Infinity Stones don’t seem to hold on to them.

Will Black Widow be able to keep the Space Stone secure?