New Set Video Shows Zachary Levi’s Shazam in Action!


We recently got our first look at Zachary Levi’s Shazam in full costume last week, but now we actually get to see him in action.

Twitter user Jeremy Lawrence caught an action scene of Levi’s Shazam in action across the street from his apartment.

Levi is in full Shazam costume as he looks to be saving a number of people from a bus. In the beginning of the video, he actually looks like he might have been struck by the bus as he waves his hands around and even bends over as if he might be in pain. However, he appears to quickly recover and begins directing the fleeing bus goers. Interestingly he also appears to be telling them a story. You can see him look up into the sky and make motions with his hands as if something big just happened. He then appears to be extremely jubilant as he lifts both his hands in the sky and cheers jubilantly before appearing to run off. However, he turns around and then flexes his muscles. He then starts waving and slowly walks away from the bus.


It’s a little bit hard to tell what exactly is happening. I expect there will be some CGI effects to the scene. My best guess is that Billy Batson might have just turned into Shazam for the first time and he’s not used to turning into a superhero. My guess is the bus will crash into him as as soon as he turns and he’s describing how he got his powers to the bus goers.

Another option could be he just recently fought off some kind of monster or maybe Dr. Sivana who was holding the bus goers hostage. He has just come back to rescue them after defeating the villain. It would explain why he seems out of breath and there is no apparent damage to the bus.

What do you think could be happening in this scene?

Shazam! comes to theaters on April 5, 2019.