Til death do us part

Writer Tom King hasn’t been afraid to write bold storylines for his Batman run. Maybe his most important contribution is the impending wedding of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. That’s right, Catwoman and Batman are getting married! There’s no trickery involved; no secret plan up Catwoman’s sleeve. The two heroes are in love and committing to each other in the best way imaginable. Although Poison Ivy might be throwing a wrench in those plans based off yesterday’s Batman #42.

The upcoming event is going to be huge, and probably won’t go off without a hitch. Rumors are the Joker has some plans to upset the ceremony. But that won’t stop Batman and Catwoman for preparing for what should be the best day of their lives.

Tom King has had his fair share of incredible artists illustrating his scripts including Joelle Jones. Jones’ Catwoman may be one of the best depictions of her in the character’s entire history. So it’s no surprise that it looks like Joelle Jones will have a hand in Bats and Cats taking each other’s hands in marriage. Recently, Tom King took to Twitter to give everyone a first look at the superheroes’ big day.

The design by Joelle Jones is classy, sexy, gorgeous and every other adjective synonymous with beauty. It’s perfect for Selina Kyle to wear as she walks down the aisle. It has a European and Spanish feel to it. This isn’t some big, bombastic Wedding dress that gets in everyone’s way. Catwoman is better than that.

If Tom King and Joelle Jones are trying to get everyone excited for the upcoming nuptials, they’re doing a great job of it. Fans are used to seeing Bruce Wayne in a tuxedo, but there’s something entirely different about seeing Catwoman in her wedding dress.

The wedding of Batman and Catwoman will be rudely interrupted, but it’ll be a beautiful ceremony.

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