Former Marvel editor Heather Antos who worked on Gwenpool, Deadpool, Star Wars, and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows comics will be leaving Marvel Comics to work for e-sports gambling site Unikrn.

Unikrn announced Antos will join the company as Editor-in-Chief. They note their former EIC will still be with the company, but will move on to “directing content for all of our teams and helping the messaging we put into our analytics, journalism, opinions, and streams.” As for Antos the press release indicates she will “focus largely on pushing written content to the next level, using her extensive publishing experience and gaming enthusiasm to do so.”

Unikrn’s Head of Global Content and Studios and former EIC praised Antos:

“I’ve worked with Heather on multiple projects since we met more than half a decade ago. I’ve never met anybody with her unique combination of ambition and skill, nor somebody with the same positive charismatic impact on her colleagues. It’s a pleasure to have our paths intersect again. I’m fully confident that she is bringing in a perspective that will help us appeal to the widest audience, improve our content quality, and maintain the narratives that truly matter in gaming, esports and more. She’s one of my all-time favorite co-collaborators — and PUBG partners — and I know she’ll help lead this team to its best possible form.”

Antos tweeted her farewells confirming the move to Editor-in-Chief, “In today’s chapter of the Heather Antos Chronicles, I’m making a leap from Marvel Comics to video games & esports as editor-in-chief of Unikrn.” She continued, “It’s been a long-time goal of mine to branch out into the video game & competitive esports world. To do so under the guidance & leadership of Rahul Sood and Ryan ‘Gorgon’ Jurado is something I never would’ve thought possible. I absolutely cannot wait to dig my heels in & get running!”

However, Antos did say it’s possible she might have bigger plans in the future for Star Wars and comics.

“But Star Wars & comics fans never fear! I promise this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me – with every door that closes a window pops open for some very cool announcements.” She then went on to thank her friends and family at Marvel, “A special thank  you to my friends and family I’ve made at Marvel over the past three years. We’ve told some pretty damn good stories. And I can’t wait to see what magic I’ll get to read now as a fan.”

Antos was a controversial editor at Marvel Comics. She became the focus of a number of videos by comic book and industry critic YouTuber Diversity & Comics. He claimed Antos was “fansphobic.”

Another Marvel insider reportedly reached out to Diversity & Comics to describe what it was like to work with Heather Antos. The insider describes Antos and other Marvel editors attempted to drastically change the comic book industry from the inside. The insider specifically says, “I felt the support, but it was nothing compared to the wave of progressive and SJW nutjobs I encountered. They were mobilized.” The insider continued, “with my livelihood at risk if I unwisely opened my mouth. I’m just waiting for the inevitable crash, hoping that something better will come after.” The insider would go on to describe Heather Antos and other Marvel editorial staff, “Almost every assistant editor I deal with now is a Heather Antos level feminist like a virus they’ve multiplied exponentially. Soon these nutjobs will be promoted to higher positions and they will higher even more feminists and SJWs. There are no creators or editors left to stand against this because most of them are totally cucked. You are talking about a lot of beta men who have no idea how to say no to a woman. They willingly submit to these blue-haired freakshows.”

Antos exiting from Marvel comes just a few months after C.B. Cebulski became the Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics and just a few weeks after Marvel Comics announced their Fresh Start Initiative.

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