Kevin Feige opened up quite a bit on what we can expect to see happen in Avengers: Infinity War in wide-ranging interview with Entertainment Weekly. One of the key points he touched on was major characters dying.

EW asked him if a characters dies will it “be for real this time?”

Feige answered unequivocally, “Yes. I mean, I could always list off the characters that we’ve killed in our movies that haven’t come back, but the big ones, which I know they’re looking at …? [Pause.] I would just say, yes. People need to be careful what they wish for.”

However, he did preface that answer that not everyone is going to die, but they might just get a good send off. He compared it to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s send off of Patrick Stewart’s Jean Luc Picard:

“People always will jump to that. That’s not necessarily what we’re talking about. I talk a lot, because I’m a big-ass nerd, about Star Trek: The Next Generation, “All Good Things.” That to me is one of the best series finales ever. That wasn’t about death. Picard went and played poker with the crew, something he should have done a long time ago, right?”

While it is almost a guarantee that a number of characters will die to Thanos, the Black Order, and their minions, some characters might just sail off into the sunset and get a solid goodbye.

Those big ones Kevin Feige is referring to are most likely Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, has already mentioned his contract is up after Avengers 4, but he’s also toyed with the idea of a Thor 4. It’s unlikely he will end up falling to Thanos.

That would leave Captain America and Iron Man. Many believed Captain America might perish in Captain America: Civil War to follow the comic books. That wouldn’t be the case. It’s possible Captain America falls to Thanos in Infinity War. But it might not be the last time we saw him as a recent character biography reveals he’s been on clandestine missions protecting the world since Captain America: Civil War when the Sokovia Accords were enacted.

Iron Man is a wild card. But honestly, I see him going into retirement. We could possibly see a Dark Knight scenario where he fades from the public after getting thoroughly beat up by Thanos. His body might not be able to handle the abuse any more. Instead he stays in the shadows and could even play a Bruce Wayne like character from Batman Beyond with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

What do you guys think? Who do you think will fall to Thanos and who do you think will get a nice ride off into the sunset?

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