I am Vengeance…

Karl Urban is one of the best genre actors out there. He’s incredible in Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Chronicles of Riddick, Thor: Ragnarok, Dredd, and many more fantasy and science fiction worlds. But he hasn’t been a superhero…yet. Chances are Ben Affleck won’t be Batman for long. While Matt Reeves has his sights set on another actor, there are many actors vying for the part. Now, Karl Urban has chimed in about the famed role of Bruce Wayne, the Batman.

In an interview with JoBlo Urban discussed his new film Bent, and was asked about whether or not he’d consider becoming Gotham’s Dark Knight.

“Oh, really? Wow. I don’t know. I haven’t really contemplated that. Usually the way the process works for me is I get sent projects, sent scripts and I read them, meet with the filmmakers and really on that basis choose to get involved. As far as Batman goes, I guess my favorite Batman movie was The Dark Knight. Chris Nolan is just an extraordinary director and I thought Christian Bale was a fantastic Batman and obviously with such talent like Heath Ledger that was the perfect comic book movie right there. So, I don’t know, I’m open to any and all opportunities.”

Many fans are still hoping Affleck keeps the cowl, even though he didn’t exactly shine in last fall’s Justice League. But if Batman is going to be recast or retconned, Karl Urban would be a great choice. While he isn’t the most typical Hollywood leading-man, he’s someone who knows how to immerse himself into a masked role.

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Karl Urban’s best case for becoming Batman was his role as Judge Dredd. Let’s not forget he remained under that helmet the entire film. A proof of his commitment to any role and any mask.