Beware of MAJOR Spoilers to Aquaman, ye who enter here

Aquaman is due out later this year. Because of that, expect more and more information to trickle out about the next entry in the DC Films calendar. However, it would seem there’s been an especially big leak lately. Jeremy Conrad has been sharing information about James Wan and Jason Momoa’s upcoming film. While there’s a chance the information isn’t true, a lot of signs are making it look valid. In describing certain sections of the film some important elements of the film are being revealed. Including the first time Arthur Curry, the Aquaman, ever uses his powers.

Arthur around age 9 on a class trip and talking to fish in an aquarium. He gets bullied for doing that, and a shark slams against the glass in response. Think of the scene in the first Harry Potter movie where Harry talks to the snake in the zoo. Everyone freaks out, but Arthur sees the shark and fish all lined up in formation and he realizes he has a power…

That’s when the Aquaman title appears.

Undeniably magical. The comparisons to Harry Potter are great! That was one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series. Going for a more Potter-like tone should be a better approach for Aquaman than the more confusing X-Ray scene in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. It makes the powers seem like something wonderful for Arthur, not something that disorients him or makes his life more difficult.

One of the things Justice League did well was to occasionally poke fun at itself, including Aquaman talking to fish. It looks like James Wan is taking a different approach. Embracing some of the weirder aspects of the character to make sure audiences get to see that Arthur’s life is amazing and not just different.  

And that probably won’t be the last time Aquaman talks to sharks. Jason Momoa promised there would be “guys riding sharks.”

If there are going to be guys riding sharks maybe we’ll get a scene like this one where Aquaman summons a shark to eat Black Manta!

Aquaman comes to theaters on December 21, 2018.

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