Alicia Vikander stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Tomb Raider from Warner Bros. The movie is expected to come out this weekend, but the review embargo still hasn’t been lifted just a few days before it’s expected to premiere in theaters. It’s not a good sign as Warner Bros. pulled a similar stunt with Justice League.

However, that hasn’t stopped Alicia Vikander from doing interviews for the film. She recently sat down with Yahoo! to talk about the movie. The interviewer asks her, “You are surrounded a lot in the action scenes by men, and obviously Lara is the hero. But you know the other female characters probably a bit less in the roles and a little bit less in dialogue. Do you hope that maybe a future film could have far more roles?”

Vikander responds, “Yea, it has setup for that a bit, which I’m very excited about. Of course it’s all about if the audience want to see a further adventure. But, yea, I agree.” She continues, “It’s this whole company in the film that we meet up on this island and I’m like ‘Why didn’t they hire any women to go on this expedition?’ that I think you know was a bit questionable. So, yes, I do hope if there is a further adventure it’s going to have a lot more female characters involved.”

I don’t understand why an actress who in one sentence says “if the audience want to see a further adventure” can then in almost the same sentence begin criticizing the film she is supposed to be promoting. I don’t want to talk for Alicia Vikander, but I would think you would want to ensure the largest audience as possible shows up to see Tomb Raider. You shouldn’t give potential audience goers any reason to want to avoid the film. But that’s exactly what Vikander does. Because with her simple sentence she turns her promotion of the film into a political talking point. It’s no longer about Tomb Raider being a good story or movie anymore. It’s about Tomb Raider not having enough women. What should be an interview about the positives of the film that makes you want to see it has turned into a negative that could potentially turn off quite a bit of audience goers.

Do you think Alicia Vikander should be openly criticizing Tomb Raider before it even hits theaters?

Tomb Raider arrives in theaters on March 16, 2018.