Honest Trailers finally decided to take on one of Netflix’s biggest movies starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and Noomi Rapace with a script written by Max Landis. It was directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer.

Just as the trailer begins we get a clip of Smith’s Daryl Ward telling Edgerton’s Nick Jakoby that fairy lives don’t matter today. From there the Screen Junkies decide to not only go after the movie, but they also target Netflix when they describe it as your “last choice for movies.”

After taking some shots at Netflix, they get right to the point and target Will Smith and and the numerous roles he’s played which are basically the same character in a different outfit. He’s really good as a wild card cop, that’s for sure. They then go on to describe Bright “as more than a cop drama. It’s a complicated social metaphor that explores what it means to be human.” They couldn’t help but laugh as they read those lines.

They then give a brief overview of the film, “Blending tired fantasy tropes with tired buddy cop tropes to explore a world of racial allegories where orcs are stand-ins for the historical mistreatment of black people. And that’s pretty much it. Orcs are black people and one of them is a cop. If the movie has anything else to say, I guess it’s to say Mexicans are scary.”

They then go on to say how despite the fantasy inclusion, the entire history of the world is still the same. “You can’t just add the word magic and claim it’s any different from a normal cop movie.”

Finally the Screen Junkies give us their ideas for Bright sequels. “Two reporters track down a story, but one of them is a Balrog, which means she’s Filipino.” For Bright 3, we get “A mild mannered vampire inherits a coffee shop, but there’s a twist. Vampire’s are Guatemalan.” And then we get Bright 4, “A frost giant, but he’s a Jew. No, that one could be my Star Wars. Edgelord of the Rings.”

I laughed butt off the entire trailer. It’s an absolutely hilarious take on David Ayer’s Bright. Watch it above.

And just in case you wanted to see the original trailer to compare. Here it is:

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