If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer we’ve all been waiting for.

After the announcement of a new release date, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were clamoring for a new trailer. Because with a new trailer comes tickets. And it’s been announced that Avengers: Infinity War already broke Fandango pre-ticket sales records. It’s already surpassed Black Panther and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, it broke those records in just the first six hours of the tickets being made available.

But let’s get to the 10 best moments from the trailer that really caught my attention. We haven’t seen anything like this from posters or promotional material. I was of the opinion I wouldn’t see anything new, but thankfully I was wrong.

10. Thor with Epic Cape, Summons the Lightning

The last time we saw Thor in a cape was in Thor: Ragnarok. For the rest of the film, he was pretty much de-robed with a crew cut hairstyle. Oh, and he was missing an eye. I’d say spoilers at this point, but it’s pretty obvious for those of us watching the trailer today. We already know he can harness the power of lightning because he is the god of Thunder. In fact he’s able to do it without his trust hammer, Mjolnir. But just seeing him reach into the sky with the cape flowing behind him gives him a theatrical entrance and sends chills down our spines as we see the Asgardian returning to former glory.

As audience members, we feel the same as teen Groot and Rocket Raccoon just looking at it. It’s weird because I never thought I would get excited at seeing Thor on screen after Thor: The Dark World. But seeing him in bad-ass form after Thor:Rangarok gets me hyped for the Lord of Lightning again.

9. Ebony Maw Tortures Doctor Strange

In a scene that pays homage to the John Hickman run of Infinity, we see Doctor Strange being pierced by a number of ethereal spikes, screaming in pain while looking at his otherworldly torturer: Ebony Maw. The model of the Black Order member hardly does the on-screen CG justice, as we get our  first up-close look at the character, hushing Doctor Strange as he clearly is suspended in pain.

However I’m getting the impression that we are just getting a tip of the iceburg of what Ebony Maw is capable of. Here’s to hoping we see more of his character, doing what he does.

8. Hulkbuster Gets Wrecked

It’s been speculated that it’s actually Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster Armor. But the armor is featured widely during the Wakandan war against the alien invaders. It’s either towering in the background surrounded by Wakandan armies, or flying around solo on the field. However, when it comes to going toe-to-toe with the alien army, it doesn’t handle well. The Outriders rip and tear at the Hulkbuster Armor like a pack of wild dogs. At this point, we might see Banner turn into the Hulk and come out of the armor, and start wrecking the Outriders.

We can only hope that that is the case. Or Shuri is auto-piloting the armor from within Wakanda. Otherwise we might see a death on screen.

7. Star-Lord teams up with Doctor Strange’s magic

It’s always cool to see superheroes doing combo attacks or playing off each other’s powers. When Iron Man does a deflect shot off of Cap’s shield in Avengers, or Thor knocks Cap’s shield baseball style into Ultron’s troops, it’s a moment that we all like to remember when the team works together. The characters are cool solo, but even better playing off each other.

To see that theme continue with Avengers: Infinity War with a new cast of characters playing off each other is a bit of a refresher. The formula for their interactions is a tried and true thing, and having it continue is a wise decision on Marvel’s part. The only thing we weren’t treated to is Doctor Strange having dialogue with Star-Lord, and something like that might be hilarious to watch.

6. Thanos’ Flashback Scene w/Gamora

The Russo brothers talked about this film being a Thanos movie. Being a Thanos film, there’d be some flashback scenes of Thanos conquering alien planets, gathering power and influence. Maybe even talking about his ultimate goal. Gamora talks about this at the beginning of the trailer “For as long as I’ve known him…”

It’s in this one scene we witness an almost empathic side to Thanos. He takes the hand of a little alien girl, who we believe to be the tribute the planet pays to the Mad Titan to relent his slaughtering of their people. She goes with him almost willingly, taking her hand into his, while his Chitauri soldiers hold back an enraged people.

In the comic book run, the planets pay tribute to Thanos by offering up their most able-bodied people to slaughter. Their youth are killed to appease him, so none would be able to resist his rule. The young girl we believe to be Gamora, taken through the violence of Thanos and raised as his own child to be an assassin without equal.

5. The Black Order

We haven’t seen what the other children of Thanos look like outside of the statues revealed at D23 a year ago. This time we get a full look at the elite squadron of the Mad Titan. In order, we see Proxima Midnight brandishing her spear, Ebony Maw standing proper with his hands clasped in front of him, Corvus Glaive with his spear looking like he’s ready to brawl, and Cull Obsidian towering over them in the back near an open flame. In front of them stands a battered Loki, whose only assurance of life was the promise of handing the Tesseract over.

At the end of that clip, Thanos has the Tesseract. Loki’s life might be forfeited at this point.

4. Thanos Crushes the Tesseract

The scene shows a bit of the power of Thanos, in his ability to crush the Cosmic Cube and take the real power inside. Just like Loki’s scepter housed the yellow Mind Stone, the Tesseract contains the blue Space Stone. We can connect this scene to the previous scene in the trailer where Thanos places the Space Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet.

The raw strength in Thanos just goes to show how powerful he is without the help of the Infinity Stones. He clocks Iron Man with one hit. In the recent iteration in the comics, he’s ripping Stark and the other Avengers apart. The only one with enough strength to face him is Punisher, who looks to be making a deal to even the odds against the purple monster.

3. Spider-Man introduces himself to Doctor Strange

In a light-hearted scene at the end of the trailer, we get a little quippy thing that continues to play off of Doctor Strange’s name. Spider-Man introduces himself to Strange as Peter Parker. Strange introduces himself by his title and last name, as most people with doctorates do. Peter thinks Strange is using his made-up name and re-introduces himself as Spider-Man.

With all the seriousness going on in the trailer, having a few moments of humor and light-heartedness is a bit of relief. This after a potentially heavy hit of losing either Cap or Iron Man. With a scene prior of Iron Man’s armor being ripped to shreds and Stark almost losing all his motivations before making what looks like to be one last determined stand against the Titan. It’s good to have a laugh.

2. Peter Quill, Tony Stark, Drax, Spider-Man

I called this scene “The Meeting of the Three Knuckleheads.” It’s another bit of light-heartedness for the trailer. Despite all that’s going on around him, Peter Quill manages to underscore the seriousness of the situation. The stakes are high, yet he’s arguing about the effectiveness of a plan with the rationale of an 8-year-old. I’d expect Drax to throw in one of his quips during this scene, but leave it to Stark to comment with “Wow.”

What I love about this scene is what looks like Tom Holland almost breaking character. He’s smiling throughout the exchange, and it looks like he’s enjoying just being there as an audience member. It’s like watching Chris Pratt causing Aubrey Plaza to break character on the set of Parks and Recreation.

1. Thanos vs. Captain America

The Mad Titan is cut in two shots, one on the alien planet, and the other one seemingly in Wakanda. This is actually the first time we’ve seen Thanos in an environment outside of the orange hued wrecked surface. The thing is, the damage done to Wakanda by the end of the film might be so extensive that it starts to look like a ravaged alien planet.

But the fight itself is just a tidbit of the larger conflict. Thanos launches himself at the camera, to punch someone. The next shot is Thanos throwing his gloved fist at Captain America, and Mr. Rogers doing all that he can to hold back the attack. The struggle is real with Cap, while Thanos looks more amused at the puny human resisting an inevitable fate.

Did we miss anything? Disagree with our list? What were your favorite moments? Sound off in the comments below! There were a lot of moments in this trailer and we’re sure the movie will deliver so much more than what we’ve seen so far. We’re all looking forward to what the Russo brothers and Kevin Feige have been cooking up.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters everywhere on April 27th. Tickets are available for pre-sale now!