Tony Stark is getting an upgraded Iron Man suit in Avengers: Infinity War and he’s going to need it if he plans on facing off with Thanos and his Black Order.

The new suit has quit a number of new perks. In the latest trailer we saw Iron Man’s boots turn into a giant rocket booster as Tony Stark attempted to chase down Thanos’ fleeing starship. Not only will it have a giant rocket booster, but the suit also appears to come equipped with a bionic arm. Reddit user realityavengers share the below promo to the Marvel Studios subreddit. It shows Tony Stark’s right hand being transformed into a laser canon very similar to what we saw from Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther.

Tony Stark Bionic Arm

And it appears Tony has somehow lost right hand. A shot from the Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl TV spot shows his right hand replaced with Stark Technology.

Tony Stark Handless

The above shot also hints that Tony Stark’s new suit will function in the same way as Black Panther’s suit. In fact, Entertainment Weekly confirmed the suit acts like Black Panther’s suit. However, instead of spreading out from the necklace like Black Panther, it will spread out from Iron Man’s arc reactor. Based on the above photo it’s also possible the suit may be enhanced by vibranium as well, but that’s just speculation.

The new suit is called the Bleeding Edge armor as revealed by Entertainment Weekly. For comic book fans, this name may sound familiar. The armor was officially called Iron Man Armor Model 37 in the comics. Here’s how the suit is described in Avengers: Roll Call

 “Powered by the repulsor technology (RT) in his chest, Tony Stark’s armor is entirely stored in the hollows of his bones and summoned by mental command. Extraordinarily thin, the armor adds less than 25 lbs to Stark’s body weight yet is strong enough to stop a Howitzter shell. Neurokinetic user-controlled morphologic nanoparticle bundles allow Stark instantaneous command over all his armor’s functions; for instance, even unarmored. Tony can enhance his vision to telescopic levels. The armor’s surface is covered with glowing RT liquid lenses modeled on the human eyeball, allowing Iron Man a 360° view at all times. The armor grants Tony superhuman strength, lifting 100 tons at maximum power, and jet boots to fly at Mach 8. The suits internal air supply for over one hour, and the armor can be sealed against hazardous environments. Weapons systems include standard palm repulsors, a convergent repulsor unit that focuses several particle beams on a single point for a more powerful discharge, a chest plate unibeam that projects in virtually every light spectrum, a power EMP (electromagnetic pulse) generator that shuts down electronic devices within 50 yeards, a photonic sword on the back of each gauntlet able to cut through dense stone, and other unique, exotic offensive and defensive weaponry thus far uncatalogued.”

Tony Stark Bleeding Edge Armor

Here’s a real good look at the suit when Tony Stark debuted it in Invincible Iron Man #25.

Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor

As you can tell it looks very similar to the suit that debuted on the Avengers: Infinity War Entertainment Weekly cover.

Iron Man Entertainment Weekly Cover


You can even see the two swords mentioned in the suit’s description from the comics. However, the armor still sees Tony Stark with both his hands. That’s what we know about Tony’s new armor.

Avengers: Infinity War Predictions

It’s quite possible Thanos might rip Tony’s arm off and destroy one of the suits towards the beginning of the movie. Tony might then team up with Thor and discover Pip the Troll and combine his Stark Technology with Pip the Troll’s knowledge of the workshops of Svartalfheim, the place where the hammer Mjolnir was created in the comics. In fact, Tony makes such a journey in the comics. He leaps into the forge of Svartalfheim and reemerges with the Iron Destroyer suit.

Iron Destroyer

It’s also possible that Tony Stark does not end up going to meet Thor and Pip the Troll. It’s possible he may adapt the Destroyer technology from the first Thor film into his new Iron Man suit designs. He might even be able to harvest the fallen Destroyer and incorporate the Asgardian technology into this suit designs. We already saw Phil Coulson use the technology against Loki in The Avengers. It’s not far-fetched at all to see Tony Stark find some interesting ways to improve on it.

Regardless, Tony Stark will have vastly improved abilities when he faces off against Thanos and the Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War.

We’ll find out what happens to Tony Stark and his new suit for sure in Avengers: Infinity War when it comes to theaters on April 27, 2018.


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