**Spoilers for Thanos #17 Below**

In Thanos #17 by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw the showdown between Thanos and Norrin Radd, who now goes by The Fallen One, has come to head. The Fallen One has played his trump card by revealing he is now worthy of Mjolnir and wields it in battle.

However, the odds are against him. His Annihilus horde was easily whiped out by the Cosmic Ghost Rider and now it is just him against the Cosmic Ghost Rider, and two versions of Thanos. It would prove too much for Norrin Radd.

After falling victim to a surprise attack from the Hulk, Norrin Radd wins over his former friend and reverts him back to Bruce Banner. It would be the undoing for both Norrin Radd and Bruce Banner. Thanos savagely murders Bruce Banner, but he gives Norrin Radd an even more brutal death, a death he promises him at the beginning of the comic. Thanos tells Norrin Radd he will kill him with Mjolnir.

Thanos #17

With Norrin Radd distracted by the Hulk, the older Thanos sneaks up behind him and shoves the sword of Surtur through his back. It weakens Norrin Radd, but he continues to fight, but it is to no avail.

Thanos Kills Hulk

The younger Thanos takes the sword of Surtur and chops off Norrin Radd’s right hand that holds Mjolnir.

Thanos #17

The arm goes flying into the air, but eventually falls to the ground next to the beaten and defeated body of Norrin Radd.

Thanos #17

That’s when Thanos fulfills his promise from earlier in the issue. He takes Norrin Radd’s head and physically brings it down on Mjolnir. Thanos smashes Norrin Radd’s head through the handle of Mjolnir and into the base of the hammer.

Thanos #17

And thus the last hero in the entire Marvel Universe fell to the four hands of Thanos.