Action Comics and Batman Beyond scribe Dan Jurgens has come under attack for reportedly “fat shaming” a guy he is sitting next to on an airplane.

Jurgens tweeted:

He would follow it up:

That’s when the hate came pouring in.

One guy decided to report the Tweet to WonderCon, where Dan Jurgens was flying to. WonderCon is a comic convention in Anaheim, California that will be taking place this weekend.

Some people even decided to say they won’t be buying his books anymore because of the Tweet.

Not everyone was ganging up on him. There were a number of people who came to his defense.

As for me there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with what Dan Jurgens said. And I agree with his sentiment. If they are taking up more than a seat they should have to pay for the space they are taking up. Dan paid for his seat and he is thus entitled to the space and seat he paid for. He shouldn’t have to lose part of it because the person next to him is obese.

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