The Deadpool 2 trailer took the internet by storm on Friday by officially revealing that Deadpool is putting together his own team, X-Force.

We knew Deadpool had a team he was putting together from the previous trailer, but many believed it would be Cable’s Six Pack. With the idea that we were getting Cable’s Six Pack in Deadpool 2 many believed Terry Crews would be G.W. Bridge. That would not be the case. Terry Crews is playing the mutant, Bedlam.

The X-Force team is full of a number of iconic Marvel mutants. It appears the team will be made up of Domino played by Zazie Beetz, Surge played by Shiori Kutsuna, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, and Terry Crews’ character Bedlam.

If you paused the trailer at exactly the right time, you will see that as Deadpool is going through a folder labeled X-Force, you can see Bedlam’s name underneath a photo next to the one labeled Peter.


Bedlam first appeared in Factor X #1 and was created by John Francis Moore and Steve Epting. His real name is Jesse Aaronson. He would have a troubled childhood after his father was driven insane by his brother’s mutant powers, while driving. He would wreck the vehicle killing himself and his Aaronson’s mother. He would  eventually be placed in foster care and then put in a psychiatric institution.

He would develop his mutant abilities which include the ability to generate bio-electric fields. This allows him to track targets via their biological signature. He can also create electromagnetic pulses and even cause people to feel pain, put them to sleep, or cause them to become confused.

After being subjected to a number of tests, he would be rescued by the Mutant Underground and his put his skills to work as a hacker, and a field handler. He would eventually leave the Mutant Underground at the age of 19 in order to seek out his brother. He would make a deal with Domino for her assistance in locating his brother. However, while aiding Domino, she would get captured and Bedlam would seek out the X-Force in order to rescue her.

He’s a powerful mutant whose tracking abilities will most likely play a key role in helping Deadpool find Cable.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018.

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