After watching the teasers and trailers, we know Avengers: Infinity War is bound to reshape the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos is on the move, the Infinity Stones are his key to ultimate power, and the lengths he’ll go to obtain them are immeasurable.

Like most of the other major players, Benedict Cumberbatch is returning to reprise his role as Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. While talking to Empire Magazine Cumberbatch hinted that he and Thanos’ Black Order engage in an absolutely wild battle in the middle of New York City. We’ve seen hints of it in the trailers. You can see Doctor Strange staring into the distance with Bruce Banner, Wong, and Iron Man.

We also know that Thanos is going to want to collect the Infinity Stones and we know two of them are on Earth in the hands of Doctor Strange and Vision. Doctor Strange controls the Time Stone while Vision has the Mind Stone. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch talks about this reality with Empire:

“They want me, and specifically what I’ve got hanging around my neck. So a fight ensues, and it gets really fun and really silly very quickly. The scale blows from real-world jeopardy into reality jeopardy, and then unreality jeopardy. It’s very exciting.” elaborated that this scene will see the Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian taking the fight to Doctor Strange. And if we can glean anything from the trailer above, it looks like Doctor Strange will be on the losing end of that battle despite controlling an Infinity Stone. We see a scene of Doctor Strange being tortured with what looks like glass piercing his body and face. We then see the Ebony Maw making a hushing motion by placing his index finger over his lips. It’s like a scene from the original Hellraiser movie. It appears the Ebony Maw is enjoying the sadistic torture.

This scene hints at the inclusion of an absolutely brutal comic book storyline that sees Doctor Strange fall victim to the Ebony Maw and is compelled against his will to use his mystical powers to attack the Avengers. As pointed at in a previous break down. This scene is very close to a comic storyline where Ebony Maw made his debut.

It’s more than likely the story won’t be pulled panel for panel, but based on the trailer it definitely looks like directors Joe and Anthony Russo are pulling inspiration from the storyline. It’s possible we might see Doctor Strange turn against his allies. However, it does look like he will be back to assisting them as we see him team up with Star-Lord in the trailer.

We will know for sure when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27, 2018.

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