**Update** Question #8 and its response had previously been left out. It’s has subsequently been added.

Just days after Rachael Krishna and BuzzFeed News dropped their hit piece against Ethan Van Sciver, which included multiple instances of outright false information, the biased news outlets are out for blood. The Daily Beast is now preparing one of their own hit pieces against Ethan Van Sciver led by Asher Elbein.

Elbein has previously tried to target Ethan Van Sciver. He was exposed as a fraud then and it doesn’t appear anything has changed. The so-called “reporter” claimed he was doing research for an article for The Atlantic, but while communicating with Ethan Van Sciver he actually blocked him on Twitter.

That wouldn’t be the worst of it. In fact, the Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic informed Ethan Van Sciver that Elbein is not an employee of The Atlantic nor was he on assignment for the magazine.

After getting called out for being disingenuous, Elbein backtracked claiming he’s a freelancer and The Atlantic had not green lit the piece he was supposedly researching. He then claims he blocked Ethan Van Sciver because he used a blockchain after receiving “harassment.” It’s unclear what exactly he means by “harassment” because he doesn’t provide any evidence. For those unfamiliar, a blockchain allows Twitter users to block others users en masse based on who they follow.

And as you can see above, Elbein isn’t a stranger to targeting comic professionals. He recently penned a piece in The Atlantic targeting newly appointed Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski because he used the pen name Akira Yoshida. Elbein complains,  “In an industry that largely operates on a freelance basis, Cebulski got work that might have gone to Asian writers.” It makes me wonder why Elbein even wrote this story. Couldn’t someone just make the same argument against him? Couldn’t someone else have written the article he just wrote? It’s a nonsensical argument that holds no merit.

People write under pseudonyms all the time. Some of the most famous authors in history used pseudonyms such as Mark Twain. The comic industry is no stranger to pseudonyms. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are both pseudonyms.

It now appears Elbein is taking his handiwork to The Daily Beast as he once again reached out to Ethan Van Sciver. It appears the fraudulent and outright false report by Rachael Krishna and BuzzFeed News has emboldened other “journalistic” outlets.

But let’s get to what Elbein actually asked of Ethan Van Sciver.

He begins his email inquiry by informing Ethan what he’s reporting on and for whom.

“Hi, Ethan! I hope this finds you well. I’m reporting on “Comicsgate” for the Daily Beast and I’m reaching out to you again for comment. Here’s a list of questions–I’m on a relatively tight deadline here, so sooner is better.”

Right off the bat, this appears dubious. Elbein claims he’s on a “relatively tight deadline.” I wonder if that’s because he and The Daily Beast want to get it out as soon as possible to do the most damage to Ethan Van Sciver. Two hit pieces from both BuzzFeed News and The Daily Beast could convince people who have not actually dug into this, and take the blatant falsifications at face value, that their might be foul play on hand.

Elbein would go on to ask Ethan Van Sciver nine questions in total. We will provide the questions along with Ethan’s answers below. Ethan has a little fun with Elbein with most of the answers mocking Elbein’s absurd questions.

1. Bleeding Cool has alleged that DC has distanced itself from you and may not offer you additional work. To your knowledge, is this true?

Ethan Van Sciver: “Bleeding Cool is notorious for it’s inaccuracy. If Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC is distancing itself from me, then I think it’s safe to concluide that I will be the next Senior Vice President there.”

Bleeding Cool is also one of the publications attempting to disparage Ethan Van Sciver. They’ve run one-sided pieces featuring people like Kieran Shiach and Darryl Ayo who have been hounding Ethan Van Sciver for months calling him a “Nazi” and demanding DC Comics fire him.

2. You maintain what ComicArtistPro Secrets, which you characterized in your response to Buzzfeed as “successful and growing.” Do you get any income from this channel (through tips and such during live streams?)

Ethan Van Sciver:  “Yes, our cybercurrency has raised over $750,000 in digital money.”

3. There have been some rumors that you’re considering launching or participating in a crowdfunded comics imprint with a conservative bent. Is this true? If true, who are you interested in collaborating with and when will you make an announcement?

Ethan Van Sciver: “We have no need for crowdfunding due to the massive success of our cybercurrency.”

4.  Likewise, if true, do you feel there is a specific need for independent conservative comics outlets?

Ethan Van Sciver:  “Independent comics are great! Although I work with DC Comics, I have tremendous respect for all of the artists and creators at IMAGE, IDW, and Arkhaven.”

5. What’s the nature of your relationship with Richard Pace? He characterized your relationship as friendly but with a public falling out several years back.

Ethan Van Sciver: “We were lovers for many years. Sadly, he left me for a Mexican Furry after the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.”

6.  You maintained in your response to Buzzfeed that you aren’t transphobic, and that both you and Meyer promote a mainstream right wing position. How do you respond to Meyer’s repeated references to transfeminine creators as men, and his tendency to critique their physical appearance or affect a voice?

Ethan Van Sciver: “Who is Meyer? As for Zack, it is not for me to criticize what he does or does not find attractive in transfeminine creators.”

7.  You’ve decried the toxicity of online discourse. However, you also mentioned your own battles with your “mean streak,” most notably when you told Sean Jergins to kill himself, or when you tweeted about Kieran Shiach “that bitch can starve.” Do you feel that you’ve contributed to online toxicity?

Ethan Van Sciver: “Of course not. When I was offering recommendations to those individuals you mention, it was solely in my capacity as a priest.”

8. Your fans have occasionally been fairly publicly nasty to people online, or have cited you in online fights. Do you support or encourage this sort of behavior?

Ethan Van Sciver:  “I think my fans are the best!!!! I always appreciate their support for me and for my art.”

9. Do you think it’s acceptable to try and get dissenting voices fired?


I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more and more of these hit pieces against Ethan Van Sciver. We already know Kieran Shiach has said he will continue his campaign until Ethan Van Sciver is fired. And it appears Asher Elbein has also made it part of his personal mission to target Ethan Van Sciver as well. He got rejected from The Atlantic and it appears he shopped his personal vendetta to The Daily Beast. It’s quite disgusting.