Image Comics Co-Founder and the creator of Savage Dragon Erik Larsen posted a pretty controversial Tweet targeting Christians. And it’s not the first time Larsen has found himself in hot water in recent weeks.

The Tweet shows a meme comparing the Bible to a Spider-Man comic with captions saying “Proof that GOD exists.” and “Proof that Spiderman exists.”

Not only would Larsen post the meme, he would also imply that humans invented God.

The Tweet drew quite a bit of criticism.

Larsen’s Tweet would even motivate some people to boycott Image Comics.

Not everyone disagreed with Erik Larsen. There were a number of people who believed the meme was just an innocent joke.

We spoke with Mark Gallo the owner of Past Present Future Comics who owns three comic shops in South Florida about the meme. He told us, “Head of a major independent comic book publisher thought it would be a wise business decision to mock Christians publicly. As someone who spends thousands with them a month, this will affect my stores financial allocation for Image Comics product line in the future.”

I definitely think Erik Larsen is entitled to his own opinion. He’s allowed to believe in whatever he wants and speak his own mind. However, actions have consequences. Many saw his meme as an attack on Christianity and they don’t believe that is appropriate behavior. They are letting Larsen and Image Comics know they will no longer be supporting their business and they are fully entitled to do so.

What do you think about Erik Larsen’s Tweet? Do you think he was purposely targeting Christianity or was he simply just trying to make a joke?