Comic Book Writer Michelle Perez Threatens More Violence Against Military Veteran

Michelle Perez

Image Comics writer Michelle Perez continued her vicious attacks and threats against military veteran and comic critic Diversity & Comics also known as Richard C. Meyer.

Perez had previously wished Diversity & Comics had been blown up by an IED.

She’s taking the threats of violence to a whole other level now. However, she had to switch to a backup Twitter account after her previous account was banned.

She actually explains her previous account was banned because it violated Twitter’s terms of service

Perez’s original account was banned after she accused Meyer of domestic abuse and being dishonorably discharged from the military. One Angry Gamer provides a succinct explanation of those events.

Meyer responded to the accusations in a video:

The newest tweets of violence are from January and February of this year from Perez’s back-up Twitter account. She threatens to make Richard C. Meyer a quadriplegic which means she is threatening to physically paralyze him by giving him a spinal cord injury.

Michelle Perez Tweet


She doesn’t stop there. She claims she will snap his “neck like it was nothing.”

Michelle Perez

Perez claims these tweets were not done by her. “I didn’t make the tweets about physical threats to meyer.” She has subsequently deleted them.

Diversity and Comics wasn’t buying her explanation about her Twitter being hacked.

Diversity & Comics attempted to pressure Image Comics into taking action against Perez.

Others backed Diversity & Comics saying they will not purchase an Image Comics book until action is taken.

If Perez is to be believed, Image Comics is fine with her behavior.

Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen seems to back up Perez’s statement:

This type of behavior by Michelle Perez is absolutely unacceptable. While Image Comics has every right not to comment, the more they allow this behavior to go on, the more it looks like they are actually supporting this type of behavior and possibly even approving it. It’s not a good look for the Image Comics brand which manages a host of quality creator owned content like Seven to Eternity, Lazarus, The Walking Dead, and more.