Black Widow Takes the Fight to the Black Order in New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot!

Black Widow

Marvel is ramping up the Avengers: Infinity War promotion with a number of slick promotions and television spots. The latest television spot ups the stakes as we get more dialogue from Gamora describing Thanos’ plans, “He won’t stop until he destroys half the universe. Everything you know, everything you love, it will all be gone.”

However, the Avengers won’t be frightened we get a voice over from Thor, “Together we can stop Thanos.” Then Black Widow chimes in, “We don’t want to kill you, but we will.”

There’s quite a bit of new footage in this new TV (above). We see some kind of spaceship crash land in what looks to be Wakanda. It’s most likely a landing barge for Thanos’ Outrider army. We get a very quick shot of Okoye doing battle to defend Wakanda, Scarlet Witch powers up,  and then at the :22 second mark, Black Widow takes the fight to Proxima Midnight.

The weapon Black Widow is using actually looks like Proxima Midnight’s spear. If you remember from the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Proxima Midnight launches her spear at a figure in the dark, who easily evades it. Many believed that figure was Captain America because of the deceptive editing which shows Captain America stepping out of the shadows in the next clip. This new footage indicates it might actually be Black Widow who evades Proxima Midnight’s spear and then uses it against her. Granted this is all speculation because it does appear Proxima Midnight is wielding some kind of weapon as Black Widow evades her attack and appears to hamstring her.

If Black Widow is using Proxima Midnight’s spear it means the weapons power has been significantly decreased from the comics. In the comics, the weapon is able to fire three blasts of light that hit their target no matter what. Not only that the spear has the power of a star and a supernova. No ordinary human would be able to wield it.

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