Allison Mack is best known for her role as Chloe on Smallville. However, the actress has recently been in the news because she’s been implicated as being one of the leaders of a Hollywood sex cult called NXIVM.

It appears the leader of the group Keith Raniere fled the United States and headed down to a Mexican resort village called Puerto Vallarta after a federal probe was launched into his group. The Daily Mail reports Raniere was arrested by Mexican authorities at the luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta, which costs $10,000 a week. After his arrest Reniere was immediately extradited to Fort Worth, Texas and charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

Not only was Raniere at the resort, but video footage shows Allison Mack was at the villa as well.

Mack’s Instagram shows her at a coffee shop in Mexico.

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The Daily Mail claims “Allison Mack argues with authorities before getting into a high-speed car chase with police.”  Video from Raniere’s arrest show a couple women indicate they are going to follow the police. However, we only see the police car pull away and don’t actually see anyone follow them.

However, a local authority says the women engaged in “a high-speed car chase with police.”

You can see the video below:


NXIVM has been described by former members as a sex cult disguised as a self-help organization. It operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. Members of the group brand themselves with Raniere’s initials. A former member told police that they were subjected to “master-slave” conditioning that also involved physical punishments for disobedience. Raniere also allegedly blackmailed members with highly personal information to coerce them into submission.

Former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg whose daughter India was involved in the group commented on Raniere’s arrest:

“I want to help all the young women affected by this cult. They are the victims of human trafficking, which is slavery. For months, I have worked to expose Keith Raniere and Nxivm and today’s arrest vindicates my efforts. ‘I want my daughter to know I love her and that I want her back in my life.”

In a statement, FBI Assitant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney had this to stay about the case:

“As alleged, Keith Raniere displayed a disgusting abuse of power in his efforts to denigrate and manipulate women he considered his sex slaves.

He allegedly participated in horrifying acts of branding and burning them, with the cooperation of other women operating within this unorthodox pyramid scheme.

These serious crimes against humanity are not only shocking, but disconcerting to say the least, and we are putting an end to this torture today.”

Mack is considered the second in command of the group and according to Art Voice, Mack is named as “CC1 in the federal complaint against Keith Raniere.” They expect her to arrested shortly.

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