Arrow’s Stephen Amell took to the stage at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Chicago to tease the finale of Arrow Season 6 which he indicates will be even bigger than blowing up the island a.k.a Lian Yu from Season 5.

Amell told fans:

“I think that we will do what we typically do, which is we do a basic time cut, so if we wrap up season six in May, where we find our characters we will be in October. I know where Oliver begins the year, but I know that it is something on the show, more so than anything that we’ve ever done, more so than blowing up the island, it is something on the show that we can never undo, if that makes sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, even better.”

This is a pretty huge promise given that blowing up Lian Yu was one of the most significant events in the Arrowverse. The island was Oliver Queen’s home for a number of years after his boat was sabotaged and capsized near the island. Oliver would encounter a number of people on the island including Slade Wilson, Dr. Anthony Ivo, Sara Lance, Shado, Yao Fei, Baron Reiter, and more.

The island would eventually serve as a prison for A.R.G.U.S. However, at the end of Season 5, Adrian Chase aka Prometheus would kidnap Team Arrow and bring them to Lian Yu. He would rig the island with a number of explosives with his death being the trigger. He would eventually shoot himself in the head. The ensuing explosion would kill Samantha Clayton, the mother of Oliver’s son, and send Thea Queen, Oliver’s sister, into a coma.

As to exactly what Stephen Amell is referring to is anyone’s guess at this point given there are still multiple episodes of Season 6 left. However, the most recent issue saw John Diggle call it quits with Oliver Queen for good. Oliver had previously promised Diggle he would only return to the Green Arrow on a temporary basis. Oliver would renege on that promise leading Diggle to quit the team citing his disagreement with Oliver’s leadership style.

Another possibility could see Oliver Queen actually embrace his Green Arrow personality. The show has flirted with this idea over the past six seasons on multiple occasions. However, Oliver has always been able to keep the two separate. It’s possible he will finally be outed as the Green Arrow.

Another possibility could be some kind of major attack on Star City or a natural disaster that forces Oliver Queen to abandon the city. Star City has survived a number of attacks throughout its six season run, but it’s possible something might be brewing that forces Oliver out of the city. Recent Green Arrow comic book runs saw Oliver Queen take his fight for justice to California. It’s possible the show could be getting inspiration from more recent comic book storylines.

What do you think Stephen Amell could be talking about? Do you have any theories?


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