DC Comics Publisher and artist Jim Lee released a new Goku sketch. Lee posted the sketch to his Facebook on Sunday night saying, “Here’s what I streamed this morning: my first (and only) Goku 😉 #twitch”

Jim Lee Goku

Fans poured on the praise.

One user wrote, “Very cool Jim Lee. Love your work. Thanks you for streaming and giving us access to your creative process.”

One fan even asked Jim Lee to convince to DC Comics to do a Dragon Ball Z crossover.

“jim please convince dc comics to make a dbz and dc crossover”

One guy asked Jim Lee to start drawing a Dragon Ball Z comic stating he would buy every issue.

“Please draw for the comic… I’d buy every issue.”

Of course one guy requested a sketch of Goku fighting Superman.

The praise didn’t stop.

I hope Jim Lee is only kidding when he says this will be his “only” Goku sketch. Or maybe he is saying it’s his only one since it’s his first sketch. As other above noted, I’d love to see him do a Superman vs Goku sketch. Or even Goku vs Frieza or Goku vs Vegeta. It would be great to see him even showing Goku firing up a Kamehameha.

What do you think of Jim Lee’s Goku? Do you want him to draw more version of Goku? What would you like to see him draw with Goku?

You can see more of Jim Lee’s fantastic artwork in The Immortal Men #1. It hits shelves this Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

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