Dark Horse Comics were pretty busy in Chicago at C2E2 this past weekend. They announced seven brand new titles War Bears, The Complete Angel Catbird, The Quantum Age, Terminator: Sector War, Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1, Eromanga Sensei Volume 1, and She Could Fly.

War Bears

War Bears

Dark Horse continues their relationship with Margaret Atwood as they expand her Animal Kingdom.  War Bears is a historical fiction series that will tell a story about the Golden Age of comics in Toronto. It will follow fictional comics creator Al Zurakowski who created World War II’s greatest comic book heroine, Oursonette.

Atwood will collaborate with artist Ken Steacy on the series.

War Bears will be a three-issue miniseries with the first issue hitting shelves on September 5, 2018. It will cost $4.99.

The Complete Angel Catbird

Angel Catbird

The Complete Angel Catbird will see Margaret Atwood team up with artist Johnnie Christmas and colorist Tamra Bonvillain. It will collect all three volumes of her graphic novel series in a 320-page edition. The story follows a genetic engineer who is transformed into the hybrid Angel Catbird after a chemical accident.

The new collection is in collaboration with Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives which are part of an initiative of Nature Canada. The new collection will be available on October 3, 2018.

The Quantum Age

The Quantum Age

Jeff Lemire will team up with Wilfredo Torres for a new adventure in Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer universe. They will be joined by colorist Dave Stewart and letterer Nate Piekos.

The six-issue series will follow a young Martian who works to reform The Quantum League to save the world world. However, he will also have to solve the mystery about what happened to the heroes of the twentieth century.

The first issue goes on sale on July 4, 2018.

Terminator: Sector War

Terminator: Sector War

Brian Wood and artist Jeff Stokely team up for a new four-issue Terminator series.

The series will put a twist on the classic Terminator movie. A second Terminator is sent back in time in 1984. However, this one is sent to New York City to eliminate NYPD Officer Lucy Castro. Castro is a rookie cop who has been assigned to patrol one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. In order to survive the T-800’s relentless pursuit she will rely on a number of unlikely allies to survive.

Terminator: Sector War #1 goes on sale on August 15, 2018.

Steven Universe Coloring Book

Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1

The Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 allows fans of the Cartoon Network animated series to head to Beach City and color 45 original black-and-white illustrations.

The book will feature artwork by Gale Galligan, Coleman Engle, Aatmaja Pandya, Constanza Yovaniniz, and Rica Diaz.

Some of the art includes Ruby and Sapphires first meeting, Stevonnie’s show down with Jasper, and Lars of the Stars.

Steven Universe Coloring Book Volume 1 will be available on September 26, 2018. It will retail for $14.99.

Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei

Dark Horse will bring Oreimo creator Tsukasa Fushimi’s light novel to Western audiences. The series features art by rin.

It tells the story of high school student Masamune Izumi who is trying to make it big as a light novel writer. He will work to manage his literary career with his studies. But that’s not all he has to do the chores for his reclusive stepsister Sagiri.

Things take a turn when he discovers that Sagiri and “Eromanga Sensei” the mysterious illustrator of his books are the same person. The drama increases not only at home, but among their fan base, and with their industry rivals.

Eromanga Sensei will be available on September 26, 2018.

She Could Fly

She Could Fly

She Could Fly is the latest in Dark Horse’s Berger Books Imprint. The story will be written by Christopher Cantwell, the co-creator and showrunner of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, with artby Martin Morazzo. They will be joined by Miroslav Mrva on colors.

The story follows 15-year old Luna Brewster who becomes obsessed with learning everything about an unknown woman who suddenly dies in a fiery explosion mid-air while flying at speeds of 120 miles per hour and 2,000 feet above ground. She delves into the world of rumors and conspiracy theories. Will she able to discover the secrets of the Flying Woman’s inner life and will it liberate her own troubled mind?

She Could Fly #1 will be 32 pages long. It will retail at $4.99 and goes on sale on July 11, 2018.

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