Jeffrey Dean Morgan is killing it on The Walking Dead. Portraying one of the most villainous characters on the small screen has clearly done well for the guy. But there’s always bigger fish to fry, bigger parts to find. Like Batman, for instance. Morgan’s name has been close to Batman rumors for a long time now. As the actor who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice many thought this could perfectly lead into a Flashpoint Batman role for Morgan. In Flashpoint, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman after Bruce is killed in Crime Alley.

Only time will tell if that comes to fruition, but it would seem Morgan might know more than he’s telling.

In a recent interview with, Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals he’s been doing some thinking about the role of Batman. When the interviewer asked Morgan if the role of Negan would influence a Batman performance he replied, “I don’t think so. I think I would know how I would play Batman at least I’ve put some thought into it.”

A sly but telling answer. Obviously, if Morgan is even in talks for such a role chances are he can’t even hint at it. The idea that he’s “put some thought” into the role is particularly intriguing. Having to inhabit such a famous character is no easy task, but it’s undeniably exciting. Whether or not he’s actually in talks for a role, he’s been rumored for the role of Batman for years.

Like many of his fans, he’s undoubtedly spent time thinking about how he would play the Caped Crusader, if given the chance.

And he might get the chance sometime soon! John Francis Daley and Jonathon Goldstein were recently confirmed as directors of the upcoming Flashpoint movie. Considering the Universe-converging that will be going on, audiences should see a new DC Universe… with a new Batman.

Do you want to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Thomas Wayne became Batman in the DC Universe?