Marvel has been cranking out promotion after promotion for Avengers: Infinity War. Over the past couple of days they released a number of character videos on Twitter highlighting Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Groot.

First they released a Star-Lord teaser clip which flashes back to the original Guardians of the Galaxy when Peter Quill is being processed by the Nova Corps at the Kyln. The clip quickly switches to a number of shots from Avengers: Infinity War. We see him smiling at the camera with a newly minted mustache. The Milano is then flying through space. Then Star-Lord is walking down some steps with Gamora. He then appears to be on Thanos’ home planet of Titan doing some acrobatic tricks.

The clip promises, “This changes everything.”

Marvel prefaces the next clip featuring Doctor Strange with a similar theme, “Forget everything that you think you know.” It’s a call back to the first Doctor Strange movie where the Ancient One is attempting to instruct Doctor Stephen Strange.

The gif shows Doctor Strange in the New York Sanctum Sanctorum which has apparently been attacked. It then transitions to a clip with the Eye of Agamotto and the Time Stone. We then get a shot of Doctor Strange and Iron Man teaming up to combine Doctor Strange’s mystical attacks with Iron Man’s energy blasts.

In the third clip focused on Groot, we get a shift in tone. It’s no longer serious battles. Instead it’s a clip from the most recent trailer. Star-Lord tells Groot to put his iPad like device away. When Groot refuses, Star-Lord calls his name again. Groot then responds as many teenagers have done. It elicits a hilarious response from Star-Lord, “Woah! Language!” Interestingly enough the clip ends with Thor powering up his new weapon and Spider-Man yelling, “Yes!” as he flies through wreckage on what appears to be Titan.

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