The other day I wrote an article about how CBR writer Kieran Shiach has a bad habit of harassing people online. His one-man crusades were against people who didn’t share his political views, which amounted to threats of getting people fired from their jobs. Famed Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver was a target as was Howard Chaykin.

In a series of tweets, Kieran Shiach acknowledges his problem of harassing people while at the same time questioning my own employer’s feelings about my off-site writing.

So I’ll address this. First and foremost my opinions are my own and they do not represent my employer in any way. Writing isn’t my main source of income, I do it as a hobby. Whether it is with Bounding Into Comics, or my own works of fiction. I do this so that I may support myself without e-begging like some people.

They know of my writing for Bounding Into Comics (BIC) and are supportive of my extracurricular passion. I’ve kept the two worlds apart and will continue to do so. What I write is what I write, and whenever I take a new position I am very honest and know what professional separation means.

I know for some this seems to be a difficult concept.

Also, I really didn’t make it difficult to find me. I wasn’t hiding, nor am I. Yes, it was easy to find my information because I’m proud of the work I do here with my colleagues as well as what I do professionally. So good on Kieran for finding what was in plain sight, I know that’s a hell of an accomplishment.

When I was alerted to the comments by Mr. Shiach I went up to my boss and informed him of the possibility of negative communications from a group of people. I did this, not because I was concerned, but out of professional courtesy. Over a cup of coffee, we both laughed off the tweet after reviewing Mr. Kierans’ checkered Twitter history.

One such part I find funny is his concern for people attacking him and others like him. While he in turns does the same thing he complains about.

But let me return to my point. I’m happy doing what I’m doing, and I will continue to do what I do for a living no matter what someone might attempt to do.

There is nothing that someone at Kieran’s level can do to take my job from me. What I do hope though, is that Kieran gets the professional help that is obvious that he is in desperate need of. And return to social media when he’s able to act like an adult and comport himself in a dignified way.

I’m excited about the work I will continue to produce here at BIC and what the future holds for me as well as interacting with our growing audience of comic book lovers. Thank you for your support, words, and encouragement. You all are amazing.

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