BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, and CBR writer Kieran Shiach increased their aggressive and partisan rhetoric over the last few months in order to attack comic book professionals, comic book customers, and comic book critics. They specifically targeted DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver and comic book critic and YouTuber Diversity & Comics. However, their vicious attacks have completely backfired.

Diversity & Comics also known as Richard Meyer launched an IndieGoGo campaign for his own upcoming graphic novel, Jawbreakers – Lost Souls. Meyer is teaming up with embattled former Marvel artist Jon Malin and colorist Brett R. Smith. Malin, who was the artist on Cable, came under attack for his views on the X-Men. Meyer and Malin launched their IndieGoGo campaign on April 10 and have already exceeded their goal for the project. In fact, they have currently raised more than $76,000 from more than 2150 backers. Not only are Malin and Meyer involved with the project, but one of the stretch goals is a cover by Ethan Van Sciver.

If we compare these numbers to current Big 2, Marvel and DC Comics, sales, Jawbreakers – Lost Souls would be just outside the Top 100 comic books for March of 2018. Here’s some of the books it would beat out based on sales data: Suicide Squad, Green Lanterns, Spider-Gwen, Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows, Batgirl, Rogue & Gambit, Sideways, Deathstroke, Champions, and Jessica Jones to just name a few.

But that’s really not an apples to apples comparison because Jawbreakers – Lost Souls is being billed as a graphic novel. If you look at the graphic novel data from March, you will see that Jawbreakers – Lost Souls would actually be in the top 10 in sales. In fact, if you look at other graphic novels and trade paperbacks it’s competing with, only one billed at the same price brought in more gross sales. DC Comics’ Green Lantern Earth One HC Vol. 1 shipped 9,040 units at $24.99 each.  That’s gross sales of $225,909.60. That’s the #3 top selling graphic novel of March. The next book billed at $24.99 is Batman & Harley Quinn HC. It sold 2,557 copies. That would bring its gross sales to $63, 899.43. It’s the #10 top selling graphic novel. Jawbreakers – Lost Souls still has 10 days left on its IndieGoGo and has already had gross backing of $76,000.

But even if that still doesn’t convince you, IDW Publishing is running their own fundraising campaign for Full Bleed Vol. 2 Deep Cuts. The basement backer level is the same as Jawbreakers – Lost Souls at $25. Full Bleed Vol. 2 Deep Cuts has 10 days remaining on its KickStarter, the same as Jawbreakers. However, the book has only earned $21, 714 compared to Meyer and Malin’s more than $76,000. That’s right Meyer and Malin have outraised a comic book company.

Despite numerous attacks from mainstream “news” websites, Richard Meyer, Jon Malin, and Ethan Van Sciver seem to be better off than ever. These attacks have completely backfired. Comic book consumers are making their voices heard through their wallets. Will DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other comic book publishers start listening?


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